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  1. So its been a massive year for me hence the lack of finished photos going up, one thing leads to another and as things normalise for me again I thought I would add some shots of the rig at the end. To cut it short rig has been to plenty of places (sort of on tour) had a few issues (cracked GPU block) and would like to give a big shout out to Alphacool for stepping in to resolve these quickly. Moved home and wife gave birth to our son Aston John Patrick B (or AJ as we call him). So it has been a very crazy year and only now starting to settle, anyway enough of the issues I have had ill just lea
  2. Sorry about any updates, changed a few things round on build (we moved home and popped out a little one).. anyway ill start with some shots of the mouse/keyboard on desk. will follow up with full shots of whole rig once monitor arrives
  3. https://www.facebook.com/ROGRichardDesign Richard Prins... and Daniel Harper https://www.facebook.com/daniel.b.harper.3?fref=ts
  4. lol dave love you man, maybe i should not of sent you those modding accessories
  5. Hi guys, really sorry about the lack of updates on this went through big home move and had to take rig (not fully completed to show at i55) here is a few shots of it on display at the show. I will follow up with final pictures once I have completed the tubing change over. Will follow up with more as soon as I get desk built and change over a few things, for now enjoy.
  6. Dave I can just imagine the mess you created filling up that cup with one hand lol
  7. So my last few days were spent leak testing and just ensuring everything was running as it should be. Few things to do first was a quick power up. Love the way this is coming out, and the mobo section has surpised me as all that light in there is coming from the CPU block. I had to drop the ev down – 4 to get this picture otherwise it would be just one big glowing white thing in the center. This is how you see the block when its all bright, of course once finished I will need to take more proper pictures to show the blo
  8. So after yesterdays work spent a little time messing about with the f1 wheel display behind the ODD panel after blacking out surrounding areas, this is what it looks like.
  9. So have been quite busy with the project, so I’ll just run through the things I have done. So as we have seen the poles for window mount on the case, let us attached the windows to it shall we. One simple task out of the way onto the next one, this time it was back to finishing the loop. So on this build, I wanted no angle connectors inside the motherboard section and also want to ensure that the tubes were one piece, boy did I not realise what I had let myself in for, do you want a clue… well here are the total tubes including the bends for the build.
  10. Sorry about the lack of updates guys, got quite a bit going on including a planned move of home to a bigger place (from 1 bed flat/apartment to a 2 bed house with garden), which off topic means I can only get better with my modding as I now will be able to build a little workshop… Anyway back on track and first up, I have to say thanks to MAX keyboard for the custom key set, I did want white, but system is not quite ready for that yet so they were kind enough to supply some of their transparent keys for the keyboard. I only had a few keys customised though, but love the
  11. Tiny update, please ignore quality of the pics as I took them on phone, first up mock fitting the radiator to see how it sits. It’s only a mock up (support brackets were made from a bit of hard line tubing temp to get the right size for the job), going to replace with carbon fibre effect steel ones, you may have also noticed the pump and res mounted in ODD bay, this is done like this so I can still open the bay to fill ect ect. The mount is temp (behind pump and res) why I wait for real carbon fibre panel to turn up. Also, you may have notice the rad has 90 degree connecto
  12. Another small little update for you guys, The panel I cut out for mobo section are finally ready, the lacquer has hardened so time to get a few little bits done. Ermm it looks the same, well in fact it is, it’s the closest I could match to the case, although saying that there is one slight difference in the panels. Yes its metallic silver rather than a flat powder coat , so really all that’s left to do is mount the pieces onto the case with the window risers. Now they were ready to go, also as I have the mobo tray out, I thought I woul
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