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  1. Just found the top window picture. My wife choose these flowers, and this skull is the logo from my old website.
  2. Thanks! It's the same case, I've just change the theme. My wife choose this black and white coverage.
  3. Hello guys! I will show here some of the work I did in my first real chassis! I bought the V3 to about 4 years ago. At that time my setup was simple, and I began to improve everything little by little. After a long time using this case, which also earned me a first place in a worldwide competition of another manufacturer, I have modified it again and give to my wife, as you can see below. I hope you enjoy. And then, as I said, I decided to build a computer for my wife, with left parts, I decided to build something that was of her choice. The result was this ... And that's all! Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I just want to share with you a simple mod that I made some years ago. The mic control stopped working, and the cable began to harden. So I decided to make a small change. Have shorter headset cable was never really a problem. So here are some pictures. It was quite functional and well met my expectations. I hope you enjoy: D In total, it took only 2 hours to make this change. Today is my wife who uses this headset, and she likes it a lot!
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