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  1. Moisty

    Rl240 help

    Hi, Disregard question 1 I have drained the fluid. Just need some help/answers on 2 and 3 thanks
  2. Moisty

    Rl240 help

    Hi, I am after some help if you can help me out will be much appreciated . 1. I have rl240 kit and was wondering how do I drain the fluid? 2. I have anotger resovior that I would like to install as well, is this possible to run just off the pump/resovior that's in the rl240 or do I need another pump for the resovior? 3. I am getting like a residue water type stuff at the top of my rl240 pump /resocior its like in the air bit of there. Was wondering if that is normal? And is there a way to get rid of it? Thanks so much
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