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  1. What do you mean? I'm playin, but not in KSP. Is there any issue with exact game? My mouse works fine. As I said, to solve problem you need to reinstall Windows. Read my posts. Tt Josh, is any updates of software planned?
  2. I have double clicking issue with middle button (wheel). What time is minimal? I use 17 ms.
  3. Seems like Windows can download drivers automatically. And TT software needed only to customize settings - keybindings, colors, sensor settings. You can just plug your device and use it without any driver installation.
  4. It's bug of TT software, not our systems. I reinstalled Windows and all the programs. Now it works fine. I bet, TT will never fix that. All they can do is "escalate the issue to our Product Management team". Easier solution is to reinstall Windows. I tried to clear out all the TT drivers and programs and install TT software again then. Didn't work. Then I deleted all possible drivers and software that I installed after system installation. Didn't help again. It's not about any software conflict. It's about buggy software. BTW, for what there's timer? And there's other bug with TT software. May I make new topic about that or it has quick solution? When it's launched, all the windows in system drags without content. And they begin to work fine after closing TT application. Here's gifs: Launched: Closed: P.S. I'm fully satisfied of hardware part of your production (TT Black Element). By now.
  5. michallesio, It's easier to reinstall Windows and all the programs than wait for TT help. Tt Josh, thanks, Captain.
  6. I had to reinstall Windows before. Then I installed Tt eSPORTS BLACK Element series_AP V1.0.0.2. It worked fine. Then I installed all the drivers for my ASrock H61M-VG3 motherboard. And now I cant launch TT software to customize my mouse settings. Before changing Windows everything worked fine with the same drivers.
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