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  1. Pakawat Chaiboonma https://www.bitfenix.com/mod/product/vp89-veteran-prototype/#
  2. My vote goes to [CN]Icewolf Chen I witnessed a mod with huge impact, that I've never seen, that is completely different from all the others, which usually have more or less similarity among each other. Just take a look at his (or her?) worklog and then vote or change your vote.
  3. I think Suchao Prowphong will be the winner. His previous build impressed me.
  4. How about showing every build's performance to us? I'm interested in not only the modded case.
  5. I would like to see [France] Mathieu Heredia and [Russia] Maxim Kisin's new rigs soon. Also I would like to nominate WaroQ (https://www.facebook.com/waroq)
  6. My prediction is still: The winner will be [Russia] Maxim Kisin. His work impresses me with accuracy.
  7. Thank you Josh for your kind advice! Pressing the 2 buttons simultaneously did get the bluetooth reset and the mouse detected by the app, and I managed to start recording my activities for only one time. However, no data was recorded and the reason was clearly that the app lost bluetooth connection with the mouse soon due to short bluetooth connecion dration. Doubting that the PC's usb port's power capacity may be too small, I even tried to connect the mouse to a USB3.0 port, but no improvement was achieved. I tried many times and the results were the same. By the way, my bluetooth devce is capable of pairing with several other devices such as headsets and speakers.
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