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  1. KnowNothingMan

    Prediction Voting Event

    [Germany] Ali Abbas
  2. Very cool King Arthur build.
  3. KnowNothingMan

    [Closed] Pre Event Predictions [2016 MFC]

    Jesse Palacio
  4. This build gets my vote at any time
  5. My top pick is for the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 is Jonathan Garlit
  6. Jonathan Garlit as I have to go with a canadian
  7. KnowNothingMan

    What would you seen added to our GroovyW?

    Water resistance added for sure
  8. Waterproof is what I need as I am always outdoors and get caught in the rain and snow.
  9. Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting - All For LoveThis is my choice as it just makes me happy
  10. KnowNothingMan

    Power Up with EnerG 6600

    Capacity is what I look for as I have a lot of gadgets for doing my photography and they always seem to almost out of power so having a large capacity allows me to keep shooting and getting more photos.
  11. KnowNothingMan

    GroovyW I'm going to take you....

    Over to a friends for a party
  12. KnowNothingMan

    Spot the odd one out

    1. Groovy Duo - E. Make a mini-home theatre system 2. GroovyT - A. Ultra-portable for travel. Place and play. 3. GroovyW - C. Extra wireless/wired power for your smartphone 4. Groovy - D. Aluminium speakerphone for hands-free calls Odd one out is: B. Weather-resistant for outdoor adventure
  13. KnowNothingMan

    Step 2 - Holder Poll

    Sent a message on facebook. Thanks for the win
  14. KnowNothingMan

    Step 2 - Power Poll

    EnerG 8800 to run my home made led lights.