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  1. So, about 3 weeks ago, my CRONOS White headset had begun flaking out, with the cable that lights up the headset, causing static through the headset itself. I unplugged the USB cable, and went on, without lights. Then about 2 weeks ago, the headset's main audio began faulting. I have to hold the cable at a perfect 45 degree angle for any sound to come through. I decided to contact support. The RMA support page says to expect a response within 24 hours. I submitted this ticket around 10 days ago. I sent a follow up RMA 3 days ago, still nothing. I've had to contact support in the past, for the e
  2. I Bought my CRONOS Headset about 7 months ago. I've loved them to death, i use them literally every day. I take them to school, everything. The only issue is that the cable for the lights, is flaky. At certain angles i can only hear the right ear channel. :l Anyone else having this problem? ^-^ Any help appreciated.
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