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  1. Thanks, Josh! I will post as soon as I have anything to report. So far, nobody has contacted me in any way, but it's only been 3 days, so no fuss.
  2. Josh, thank you for all you're doing. You're doing a great job! I got the reply from Thermaltake about it being passed on to the Russian office. Now waiting for them to contact me. I have a feeling it's a defect in some of the switches where the contact plate is too close to the surface it touches when the key is pressed (thi is visible on a schematic of a Cherry-type switch) so the upward key travel activates the contact as well as the downward key travel. Also it could be that the plastic bit on the X piece that is colored in the switch was not molded entirely cleanly and can have extra bits where it shouldn't that are thin and flexible (like you get in plastic model kits or on plastic soldiers - very thin pieces of plastic where the plastic has seeped between the moulds). And since it's thin it bends and so doesn't activate the switch every time but only occasionally. May give some food for thought to whoever is responsible for actually fixing this kind of problem, be it the manufacturer of the switches or thermaltake. It's most likely due to the switches being made in China where QA control is a bit lax, as we all know, and thermaltake can't ever hope to check every single switch that goes through them.
  3. I sent an email to the address you specified earlier (cs3@thermaltake.com.tw) on saturday, describing the problem. Waiting for a reply or something to happen As for the problem, it seems to be caused by the switches activating too easily, Sometimes even the key bouncing up after a rapid press can trigger the switch and hence cause the double-type. To be honest, I can't remember it ever doing an actual triple keypress... Probably bad switches. Is there a Thermaltake representative office in Russia anyway?
  4. Nope. It's still "stuttering" (repeating keys). Didn't at first, then started again, but less than when it was plugged into the USB hub. Looks like I'll have to email support after all...
  5. An update for my repeating keystrokes issue as mentioned above: I have plugged the keyboard into the PC directly (it was plugged in through a powered USB hub before) and so far it looks like that may have fixed the problem. It's a bit early to tell (since the repeating keystrokes didn't start happening straight away when I bought it), but it may just have fixed the issue. For any of you having the same problem, please try and connect it to your PC directly, preferably to the keyboard USB connector (the closest one to the round PS/2 connector found on many motherboards or the one furthest up from the floor, usually USB 2 connector or if for you it's a USB 3, the nearest to it USB 2 one) and see if that helps you. I will update if the repeated keystrokes start happening again and will contact support as recommended by Josh if that happens. Funny I realized that the hub may be a problem when I was writing about the issue to customer support!
  6. I have a Poseidon Z Brown switch edition and it also exibits rrepeating letters (as you can see there). I bought it in Moscow, Russia and the product number is KB-PIZ-KBBLRU-01 (That's the P/N from the bottom of the keyboard). The barcode reads KB-PIZKBBLRU01EL000788. I don't think I have the invoice for it any more. It was bought about a month ago. Am I screwed?
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