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  1. Thanks for the reply, I'm very familiar with 3pin fan headers and molex connectors, the fan appears soldered (due to the low profile of the connector I doubt a 3 pin header would fit behind it.) to a special door connector as in this picture. I would like to still use the feature as it makes my life easy and I have less cables crisscrossing my case. If I could just buy the same fan that would be great, looks like I will be re-soldering a new fan on unless someone has any other ideas. As mentioned the case is 2 years old, does anyone know the Armor Revo's warranty period.
  2. Well as far as I was aware the 200mm side fan on the Armor Revo has a bespoke set of contact pins so it only functions when the side of the case is attached. There might be a 3 pin fan header built in, but all I remember seeing was the pcb. It certainly does not connect directly to the motherboard.
  3. Hi I've had the case for about 2 years, while I did notice the side fan creates a clattering noise a while ago, initially I thought it wasn't a major issue as it was under a large desk and was difficult to hear unless you really listened for it. (Also didn't want to send the whole case back for a fan noise), though I am unsure of the warranty period. However I've recently moved and changed my desk, the case is very much on display now and the noise is driving me insane. I've checked the build to make sure nothing is in its way and that everything is tight and fitted correctly and it still makes this noise regardless. I'm about to start fitting water cooling to reduce the noise of the system further, without fixing this problem its slightly pointless, as its the loudest thing in my PC. Is there anywhere I can order a new side fan, as I noticed it has a unique connector. Thanks in advance Arc
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