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  1. I started pm conversation with you ;]
  2. Hey Josh! I checked how much it will cost me to send the mouse to eu support that i were directed to and #### it. It's Something like 50-60zł, where the mouse price is 130zł. Sending it to you for the warranty is 40-50% of mouse cost, so it's really unprofitable now for me ;<
  3. 80% of Photos in internet: http://content.hwigroup.net/images/products/xl/163666-3.jpg My one: http://i.imgur.com/EPqCVdO.jpg
  4. Yo Josh! The shop is staying silent so i think i will send it to you [i have receipt etc.] in next month. I have only one more question. In almost every photo in intenet saphira have 2 large sliders under the mouse and mine have 4 smaller one. Is it normal?
  5. Inbox is stil empty ;< But now i'm dealing with the shop where i bought the mice for swapping it to new one, becuase let's face the true. This one is pretty irreparable, the only thing that's working there is sensor. Buttons are lagging / freezing sometimes, scroll is wiggling, left side pad were glued in bad position, so glue lifespan got really shorten. It's scarry what else can go wrong I would like my shop to swap it for the new Saphira, take mine and then they would cover warranty themselves, becuase c'mon i bought this mice 3 months ago, and week ago i bought bigger mousepad for it, it would be really sad to stay now for something like month without a mice!
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaand it's happening ;< Mouse starts to don't give a #### about my 1tap skill and it likes to thinkt hat i keep my mouse button pressed longer that i'm [it's not physically blocking, it's something wrong with mouse hardware] i 1tap and it sometimes 1tap and sometimes keep it for something like 3 bullets ;<
  7. #### it,Josh, this wiggle is going crazy now, only 1 step is not wiggling and wiggle is hard, so you can acutally hear it when you play. How much time it takes for support to answer?
  8. Josh! The sh*t is happening! Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: cs2@thermaltake.com.tw Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain thermaltake.com.tw by spam.thermaltake.com.tw. []. The error that the other server returned was: 500 5.0.0 Service unavailable Tried 3 times changing the text but it doesn't help ;< JOSH HELP!
  9. Yo Josh! The Hero of Thermaltake Mankind! I'm located in east side Poland, Comrade!
  10. I bought my Saphira 3 months ago. It's really greate mouse with epic sensor and switches, but i have one problem. In some positions scroll feels loose. It's not totally loose, it's like half milimetr space that scroll can move to left and up, so in fast movement it wiggle, do some noise and you can acutally feel it when you move mouse mid-air. On other steps scroll is rock solid and you don't feel any loose on it when move mid air. The steps don't change it always wiggle on certain spots, so i can scroll forward 3 steps from good position, it will go wiggle, and then go back 3 steps and it stops doing it. I think it's not enough to send it on guarantee, but is there any tip how to make it less distracting? And is it sign of future scroll problems like in some first faulty saphiras or is it normal and I just should get used to it? Video about the problem: Sorry for englisherino ;]
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