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  1. so, just ran a small, very quick benchmark  with 100Mhz GPU O/C and 75Mhz memory O/C


    as the "budget" aspect of Galactus stands, ive spent a grand total of $1,250 to get this far.


    not too shabby if i do say so myself. :lol:


  2. so, ive finally grown tired of my Antec 620w HCG, and decided i needed a new PSU, so i can finally start stretching the legs of the 8350 and the 7990.

    now, my usual stockist (and hopefully soon to be sponsor) currently dont have the 1050w DPS, 1050w Grand or 1200w Grand in stock, so this has led me to a "temporary" solution.

    introducing the lovely EVGA 1200w P2 Platinum

    Installation pics to soon follow :)





  3. picked up the Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB SSD and another 8GB of G.Skill Trident-X giving us a total end-result of 16GB @2400Mhz CL11

    needless to say, it looks sexy  :D 

    also, CrystalDiskMark's first benchmark with the Savage. second Savage, and RAID 0 to come Wednesday/Thursday next week :)



  4. so, once again, things have changed a little. that money thing is a real pain in the ####.



    8GB of G.Skill Trident-X 2400Mhz ordered, as well as a new, sexy Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB SSD. unfortunately, only one in stock, so no RAID 0 yet :(



    have got a line on a second 7990 as well, hopefully will get that deal closed next week, and the 1050w DPS ordered.

    will post photos once SSD and RAM are picked up :)

  5. Love the look of the Trident-X, I have a few sets myself.... sexy looking kit!


    Nice looking build, and you have plenty of room to expand and keep that hungry 7990 cool.


    yeah, ive spent the past couple of weeks trying to find some ram that looks just as good, apart from Avexir's ram, ive not had alot of luck :(


    i seriously considered using the Avexir Blitz, but for some reason, i just dont think it will "suit" the overall build. the look/coloring of the Trident-X really matches up well with the Formula V. maybe if i do an MSI mobo build next, ill use the Blitz  :P

  6. hey everyone, just wanted to give an update, since its been a while. have been flat-out with a new job, but Galactus is by no means forgotten.

    Ram is getting upgraded to 16GB G.Skill Trident-X @2400Mhz this week, Thermaltake 1050w DPS is getting done next week (with custom sleeved cables soon to follow at a later time) and then the week after that (assuming i can find one) ill be adding the second Sapphire 7990  :lol:

  7. yeah, it was very much right place, right time.

    a guy ive dealt with a few times in the past had it, and he was looking to clear out a ton of other stuff, some hard haggling, and some cold hard cash, and we were both very happy men :)

  8. though, if you ever find one that hasnt been abused, id highly recommend jumping on it. they are in the price range of a low GTX970, or a R9 290x

    i paid $450AUD for mine, but that included a brand new, never used XSPC waterblock for it (which was valued at $100)

    so really, i paid $350 for what is one of the best GPU's of all time, and still eats everything up for breakfast ;)

  9. 2x 7990!! i wish i had just one, subscribed so i can drool over the second one when its in haha

    dont worry, im pretty sure ill be drooling as well! even just the thought of it, not to mention the price:performance just gives me a HUGE geek ####.


    i mean, why SLI GTX970's, when you can CF the 7990, and get MUCH better performance? ;)


    next step is gonna be the 1050w DPS (or maybe the new 1200w Toughpower Platinum) just so i can really stretch the legs of the single 7990, then its onto Riing fans, and then HOPEFULLY ive found a second, non-WC 7990 by that stage :P

  10. Just a tiny "stopgap" upgrade today to keep Galactus flowing. just a little Patriot Blaze 60GB SSD

    this is just to get some SSD speeds rocking for now. $45 brand new, who can complain?  :lol: 

    sometime next weekend, we should have something red, black and very "reference" in design, before it runs in CrossFire.

    can anyone guess what it is?  :rolleyes:


  11. i....really need to think of better usernames :'(

    so, Hi guys! ill do a little intro first, my name is Drew, 26 Australian, ive just started running my own, small PC business. long walks on the beach....but you want to know my build? 

    (apologies for the terrible photos, ill be shooting new ones soon)

    may i introduce "Project Galactus" a 3-stage build, to show you dont need to spend a fortune, to build a world eater ;)

    CPU: AMD FX-8350 (currently running 4.5Ghz)
    Cooler: Thermaltake 2.0 Pro with NiC C5 fans (Push/Pull) ive gone with the C5 fans for better CFM, and a nicer look
    Mobo: ROG Crossfire V Formula Z
    RAM: G.Skill Trident-X 2400Mhz 2x4GB
    GPU: Sapphire 7950
    PSU: 620w Antec HCG

    -Stage 2- (expected completion time, 2-3weeks)

    240GB SSD (brand yet to be determined)
    RAM upgrade to 16GB G.Skill's or Avexir Blitz 1.1 16GB 2x8GB 2133Mhz (waiting to hear back from them, to see if they do 4x4GB)
    PSU Upgraded to Thermaltake 1050w DPS G
    2 more Sapphire 7950's (3 total) with custom black backplates
    Red and Black cable extensions, all combed.
    Try to get as close to a stable 6Ghz as possible

    -Stage 3-
    5x Thermaltake red Riing 12's

    custom front plate, removing the mesh, replacing with sheet aluminium, with a big Tt CnC cut into it, LED lit to the Thermaltake colors

    All up, its set to cost me around $1200 to put Galactus together, using a combination of new and quality second hand parts.

    i think that covers pretty much everything im doing, if i remember any more, ill let you know ;)

    Edit: im really sorry for the potato photos, please dont hurt me :(



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