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  1. My vote goes to JP...Jesse palacio
  2. I voted for Yu Han from China, The amazing amount of design and architecture that went into this build is just absolutely crazy. The materials used and method of construction made me feel like it was not going to fall apart any time soon. I honestly wanted to vote for Stefan Ulrich from Germany. I loved his design and build all the way through, an Epic build for sure. I just felt like the opening of the doors looked as if they would and could fall off if not handled very gently. Congrats to all the contenders all of them are true works of art.
  3. One word..EPIC..The use of different materials and the skill level of craftsmanship make this one of my all time favorites. I only wish his one eye would be movable as well. A true mod in every sense of the word. Congratulations on an EPIC build.
  4. I was concerned in the beginning, Nice job! Very well done!
  5. Absolutely insane! Outstanding craftsmanship! Extending a handshake on a job well done sir!
  6. Some really truly outstanding craftsmanship has been displayed here. All of them are awesome. I followed several of them from start to finish and some I would just check in on occasion. I honestly wanted to give my vote to Mr Blackwell and I love the mod that he did. In the end my vote went to Mr Prowphong, just an amazing build. Congratulations sir on a very fine build.
  7. Amazing build, Kudos! Res's look outstanding tubing looks great. Wish I could be there to see it fire up.
  8. Pumps look kick #### sleeved like that. Nice job Sir!
  9. Looks good, Hopefully one more coat will even it out. That was awful nice of them to let you use that paint booth. No dust and perfect drying conditions. Paint should look professional. Keep posting. Looking forward to it.
  10. I may have jumped the gun on my prediction, I already posted who I thought had this in the bag. Now I have just looked over them all again and Im not sure I made the right choice. I knew I should have waited till closer to the 15th to make my decision.
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