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  1. dynajim

    Xaser III case

    Na. I suppose I could. But I probably wouldn't be able to read the values anyway?
  2. dynajim

    Xaser III case

    Only prob is there is already what appears to be 12v going to it (Blk/Red). All together there are 3 sets of wires. The Blk/Red going to pwr and 1 going to the light and the other that hooked into pwr somewhere. The 2 set of blk wires are blk/grey with blk dashes on one lead each. You would think this would be easy? That cube is some kind of capacitor I would think?
  3. dynajim

    Xaser III case

    Well I put 12v to it and nothing? It has a square cube about 1x1x1 that also has 12v to it?? So I'm a little puzzled? It's a flat light strip of some kind though I didn't take it off to really examine it? So, no joy in mudville
  4. dynajim

    Xaser III case

    Forgot to mention it's a low intensity light. Still not sure of the input voltage and whether you have to use that black box?
  5. dynajim

    Xaser III case

    I have an Old workhorse of a case still good! Great shape too! But The Wire to the front door Thermaltake logo light has been clipped?? Can anyone tell me what the voltage is for the light? It connects to a black cube with a connection on It that says "Lumic" thats going to what appears to be a 12 volt source(Blk & Red)? I unplugged it so theoretically I could put pwr to the light directly? Just don't want to burn it out. Thx in advance for any help JR
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