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  1. (First comment on page 6, and a reply about 2 posts later): Hello once again. It might be pointless to contact you, but I'll give it a shot. The double forward/back still "works", but the mouse is getting older and older, and the LMB already starts giving up. Like, it's getting harder and harder to drag with it, and so if it's still possible to get a new mouse through the warranty, that would work. The only problem that I see is is that the mouse is almost 3 years old. Still, please note that ever since I contacted you the very first time, you still haven't made it possible to actually use the buttons on the right side (opposite from the forward/back; C and D) in BF4. If not - well, simply saying, I'll understand. The warranty period is over, so it's OK.
  2. Not amazed that instead of finding a solution, you offer me to replace my mouse. Really, I'm not. This is all Tt.
  3. No. Don't have access to another computer. It might be the reason that it happens when the Tt software is not running. Anyways, I guess I'll need to wait for half year more for you to realize it, half-year more to release another buggy software/drivers, to report you that it's buggy, to return on the same path. No problem, I can wait. P.S. It doesn't matter if the software is on/off; the "double back" works anyways. I don't hold it for long, it just goes there by itself. I would say, after installing the new drivers.
  4. Is it only me experiencing the "double forward/back" "feature"? Like, when I want to go back 1 page, I go 2 sometimes, and then have to go one page forward. Win 10, new software, not running. Or does the software have to be running to avoid this?
  5. I know it's a late reply, but I hoped you'd realize my problem and possible solutions for it... Since you haven't really understood it by yourself... Well, are you really that much of ... not to understand me and so are asking me to make a video? Really? Let me tell you this: I don't want to make a video, but I can explain you everything I did, and that will be better than a video. Ready? Now, before you start reading further, get somebody else next to you, somebody who can not only read English, but also understand English. Somebody who can think. On the "previous" version of TT mouse software, which I downloaded from the mouse's page, I created a profile. Then I reinstalled Windows, but kept all files intact (and that I couldn't have re-created in step-by-step video). Then I downloaded the new software, and tried that created profile. It crashes the new Tt mouse's software. I am not sure what is wrong, but most probably because the new soft doesn't support anything from the old. Also, I can't find much options I could in old software. Like, when I start the new software, the on-screen arrows show up when I press forward/back buttons. I do not want them to show up, because they distract me. What from this list have you not understood? Is this list of problems any different than listed 11-ish posts above? So, what exactly did you want me to make a video on? How the profile loading crashes? I can say: I open the open profile dialog box, choose the proper profile, press open, and it crashes. Then the message shows up from Soluto, saying that the program has been closed, or something like that. I can't disable the back/forward on-screen arrows. Yes, I am rude, but if you were in my shoes - I talk to you, and you ask me unnecessary questions, like "did you check that option?" or "can you make a video on what you do to make the program crash?" - what would you do? I can make the video. But why? Just to show that you are even more ... than I thought? I don't want to be that much rude, but you just make me to. Think, think, think! Think, then ask the questions. Not random, but those that really would help YOU to solve problems created by YOU.
  6. It was on, but just in case, disabled and re-enabled. Still didn't work.
  7. 1. Finally 2. Is the only way to make you work is through humiliating? 3. Doesn't work: when I loaded the profile created on old software, the new software closed. 4. Can't find the button to disable the on-screen right and left arrows that appear when pressing forward/back keys 5. It's been more than a year since your promise! For an entire year your team could not develop a good working software! What a lamers! (This is to humiliate you even more, to make you work even harder. Just in case. Since it's the only (?) way.)
  8. Schrotty41, they've been promising the new software for over a year now, and it's still not out. Don't hope it to be released tomorrow or any time soon. I will not be amazed if they'll stop developing the software/driver in the end... Tt guys, sorry, but this is true. I lost hope. No really need to explain why, just read the pages here. Just reading your promises, you give false hopes to people, and whom should I (we) blame for that? You say that. And also, I would really want to know your opinion on what would you want, if you were in your customers' shoes, for giving false hopes and a year of waiting for new software. But why bother caring about customers? Why not just make money? Who cares about customers, right? Well, trust me, if a company wants to sell a lot of products, the company has to care about each and every customer. Otherwise, people would just stop buying the company's products and would stop trusting that company. Isn't that so? P.S. (That is, (Tt guys, turn your imagination on) let's say you bought a mouse made by a company, let's name it "Hypo" (short for hypothetical). The mouse is good in design, and you like it in general, but you believe you have to be able to use more of the mouse's features, and the company representative asks you a few questions, like "What do you want the mouse to do exactly?" and you list all functions you want the mouse to have. Those the mouse HAS TO BE able to do. And the company representative says something like, "Yeah, we have some business to do, it should take a couple of weeks, then we'll start developing, and in a month you can use those functions". And you say, "Wow, really? That is super!" or similar. A year passes, no functions added. What would you expect the company to do for you for your waiting? Or you'll be satisfied enough to stay home and play til you die from hunger? I don't think so. I think you would want something for your wait, right? So, turn your imagination off now, and read that again, starting with the words "let's say...", skipping "a company, let's name it "Hypo" (short for hypothetical)" and ending with "...for your wait, right?" You'll see that this text is about my situation. If this example is not enough for you, is there any way we can solve it without war? Spoiler! This is not a threat or anything similar. This is just to make you think a little. Be you in that situation, what would you do? I'm just asking for your thoughts on this...)
  9. On September 24 2015, you promised to have it released "next week" On December 2 2015, you promised to have it released "by the end of December" On May 19 2016, you are promising to have it released "in end of June". And all of that after my request not to be working on it for a year. Yes, I agree, a year hasn't passed yet. But seriously - if you say "take your time, but not years" - personally you, not as Tt rep, not as employee, but as a private person, how long you expect it to last? For me, it's... pretty much I can wait 2 weeks, I can wait 6 months. I "could" wait 9 months, but would want something for the wait time, because it's a flaw from your side (or from the (team of) programmer(s)) and so I would want something for the wait time. Wouldn't you want? For waiting for so long... And, since the original promise has been made in July to be completed before September, pretty much it means any time from the posting time to August 31. So... Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr - that's 10 months! 10 months of wasting both mine and your time!
  10. WARNING! RAGE POST! You should seriously review the contract with your programmer - it isn't far away from one year to pass since the original promise, and yet still no good software and the buttons still don't "work". Maybe even hire another programmer - or you forgot about it already? Really? Then you should tell your boss he should fire you too - why would a company need a person who doesn't keep their word? A well-known company like Thermaltake, who has to be responsible for each and every word their employees say (to the public; forums, Twitter, whatever else. As company's representative, and YOU are the company's representative). I mean, I have been visiting this and mouse's web pages a few time since my last post in December, and 6 months passed since then, and yet NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has been done. Looks like YOU, Tt Josh, personally, haven't taken any steps to resolve the problem. So YOU personally do not care about company's success. Want to prove me wrong? Go ahead, I'll read. But keep in mind that excuses like, "We've been looking for a good and reliable programmer for the last 6 (or even 9?) months" - it's... you know what. There are a lot of programmers in the world who would want to work for a well-known company. For these 6 months, a good and reliable programmer could've written how many programs? I think more than 1, because it isn't Photoshop or Zbrush, and so since you haven't taken any steps - it tells me (and I think not only to me) that you do not care about your company. So why do you still work there? Or you do not work there anymore? Yes, this is a rage post, to show how useless you are, to show that you could do something - at least talk to your boss about it, explain the problem, or contact the programmer directly - and explain the situation to him (or her). At least do something, and report here - "I talked to ... and he(/she) said (that) ... I did all I could, and so it will be done by... (/won't be complete soon because ...)" or "I (and what you did to advance in completing this project)" I still don't trust your company - but if I get a message from your boss that something will be done about it - that the software will be released soon - AND THE WORD WILL BE KEPT - only then I may trust your company again.
  11. Can't say more - you promised the software to be complete in a week, then 2 weeks after original promise, then a month, and now it's been 3 months. No software, no word from you. I'm out. If you release it - good, but I may never know about it, because I close the useless tabs - this and mouse's page, with downloads. If I can't knock to you, that's not my problem - that's yours.
  12. It's the mid of the Q4. I read your words on this page, and think, does this guy live on another planet, where a week lasts 2 months or longer on Earth? Just like I said, I don't like to make people hurry, but you make me wait for it for WAY too long. Unless you release the brand new software before the end of November (and don't forget about the Thanksgiving, Black Friday (and Cyber Monday?); most companies may be not working on those days) I will stop trusting Tt, and will never buy anything made by Tt and will recommend my friends NOT to buy your products. Do you really want this? Also, how about moral compensation for waiting for 5 months for the product that was planned to be released in less than a month? I mean, seriously. Just re-read the entire thread. Out of 5 pages, only my text is how many? 2,3 pages? I'm trying to knock to you, trying to help you imrove the software (the mouse is great; the software kind of limits the mouse's possibilities) but you're like saying, "we'll do it. We'll do it soon." By the Universe's standards, one year is nothing - million years play a big role, but one year is nothing. If that is exactly what you think - I'm sorry about you. Now, just ask yourself, why are you still there, why does Tt pay you for doing nothing? Make the programmers work faster; if you don't have an influence over them, somebody else does. Talk to that person, explain that the programmers promised to release the brand new software for the mouse in August, but now it's the mid of November, and still they are (-n't) working on it. Just saying useless "Expect the software in a week" is a waste of time, both your and mine. Or, just give me the contact information of some software engineer or whoever is responsible for the final release of the software, and I'll explain the situation.
  13. Cord is good? Can you try another mouse?
  14. No, works just fine. Is the USB connected good?
  15. It's... 3.5 hours til the end of Q3. Still no software, no link. Sad that Tt doesn't keep their word. Really sad.
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