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  1. Usa, California. Its still in my 14 day gaurentee period so I will go to the store first and do an exchange first. But also could you answer my original question which was: After the first initial RMA, I pay for the shipping. There after will you pay for the shipping if I need a 3rd, 4th, 5th RMA?
  2. So I havent had any double clicking yet, so thats good. But I was just curious if there were any changes to address that. But after 4 days of the RGB keyboard, I got 1 light going on and off, inconsistently randomly. Notice the I.
  3. Actually its confusing at first, but its pretty easy afterwards. Basically, you can only change 1 profile at time, and only asign 1 custom color/effect to that specific profile. If you want to edit other profiles, you need to click ok from your screen shot and go to main page of the program. To know which profile you are editing, you need to go back to HOME PAGE and at the top you will see the tabs: Profile 1, Profile 2, Profile 3, Profile 4, Profile 5. Select it, and then go to lighting settings tab on the Right. Do what color settings or effect you want and click ok. It should save to the respective Profile. You can only edit 1 setting for each Profile. For an instance, you cannot click on Profile 1, and expect to edit all P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5 asigning different effects all at once. It took me a while as well to figure it out. Let me know if you guys have any more problems. So far I have no experience with any problems whatsoever. Also running Windows 10.
  4. Hey guys, So I bought a Poseidon Z w/ Blue LED lighting a while back and tried it for a week. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, but however, due to numerous reports of double keystrokes and chatter from forums and reviews. I decided to return it for another brand instead. This time around, I finally went for the RGB Poseidon....I been wanting for an RGB Keyboard since forever, and just like the Poseidon Z's predecessor, I HAD NO CHOICE, the RGB version swept me off the floor. I HAD TO HAVE IT. The colors were the best I have ever seen in an RGB keyboard, and the strokes sound consistent and good for the most part. I only worry about the chatter and double key strokes that many have reported in the past w/ the Poseidon Z. I understand this is a different keyboard, but its based on the same model. So I got to wonder if you guys made any change to improve the design and stability. I understand you guys have an unbeatable 5 year warrenty, but I really do want a solid answer of whether the cases of chatter and double key strokes were just a fluke in the population or indeed a true common problem. I honestly believe most people when they have these problems are just due to being unlucky? Perhaps? PS: If I end up RMA'ing this product. I understand I will have to pay for shipping it back to you. And that you will cover shipping costs for it coming it back to me. Correct? What if I need to RMA this product the 3rd, 4th, 5th time, will the shipping be on me as well? Please let me know. I love your products! I hope this will last!
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