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  1. sorry for bothering again but suddenly my backspace isnt deleting text in all browsers / dota2 / facebook ETC try a different keyboard works out fine tried to plug my TT challenger ulti to a different machine but its still the same by the way when i press backspace 2x it moves to the customize and control google chrome any idea what happened to my keyboard? T__T
  2. Hello! i just bought my Tt commander Ms-3 and im having quite difficulties in its cable management. I wanted to buy Ms-1 but out of stock im wondering if someone have Ms-3 and have a nice cable management i can copy.
  3. trivial problems i think i'll just reffer to the color, i just wish they made the palm rest a little bit longer just like mecha g unit but i like ultimate's design more, over all im satisfied with ultimate
  4. yes macros are doing fine, i mean when i open that and change profile theres P1 to P5 logo at the bottom of the screen and when i close the driver cant see p1 to p5.. just found out that you have to connect the speaker to the keyboard and not the computer to enable the sound it install its own sound driver i think?
  5. P1 to P5 only appears only when i open the software of the keyboard but when its closed my only reference is the color on my keyboard
  6. john paul

    No sounds

    after i plug in the keyboard and install the driver i get no sounds from youtube/media player etc anyone have this problem too??
  7. since i plug in and install the driver i cant hear any sound...youtube,media player etc [sound problem solved] uhm second problem when i first switch to profiles P1 to 5 always appears but now its gone
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