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  1. Hello i was looking for where to buy some keys of the keyboard cause of the use of some of these the key lost the color. Did someone know where to get it?
  2. please ill apreciate some answer i didnt receive no answer fomr the email that you give it to me.
  3. I sent an e-mail some days ago and I didnt received no answer from them :S
  4. I know that is very very late to give a reponse but I readhow to resurrect it you need another meka g- unit o iluminated version and then you need to plug the one that works open de drivers and then switch with the broken one and the pc will install the software again. im sorry for my bad english i hope that this will help someone with a problem like this, it took me long time to read this solution since i get the problem. and it was to late for me also when a read it
  5. hello I have this keyboard long time ago and the "S" letter started to lose the painting I want to know if there is any place to get replacement for this or where can i buy them, im form spain thanks for all and sorry for my bad english
  6. okey ill be glad if you could say me if you get any answer or something if its not a problem of course ^^
  7. thank you a lot im so sad cause I like too much this keyboard and I cant use it :S
  8. i sended to you a pribate message with th e-mail
  9. Hi first sorry if my english is bad. The day that you answered me I sent a e-mail to this direccion support@thermaltake.de waited like till august passed but I didnt received a reply. 1 week ago i resended the e-mail to the same direccion but there is still no answer and i dont know what to do cause my keyboard is still not working. What could I do? Thx for your time and im sorry for the inconvenience
  10. Im from spain. But there is no any command or something like this to resset the keyboard?
  11. The problem is that because the firmware update stoped halfway, the firmware update program doesn't recognize the keyboard as conected so I can't reinstall it. and the software doesn't run because the keyboard "isn't connected"
  12. Hi I Have a problem with my meka G-Unit, I was updating the firmware and it crashed, so now the PC doesn't recognize the Keyboard, I guess It's a brick so I would like to know if there is a recovery mode or some other way to re-flash it. I tried formating the computer and connecting the keyboard to another computer without succes. Thanks for your time.
  13. i received they keys and they where all okey thanks a lot for the help ^^
  14. Thanks for your help i speak with them and they ask me for the adress and they will send me free of charges the key that i need ^^ thanks a lot
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