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  1. ok, in this another thread, brandonchang had posted a kext to support this keyboard. I have almost everything working except for the "windows" key as the "mac" key. That is a very pivotal key for almost anything in mac. Is there anyway you could help me out with why that's not working ?

  2. kextstat | grep IOUSBHIDDriver

       54    3 0xffffff7f80e3e000 0x9000     0x9000     com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHIDDriver (660.4.0) <34 29 5 4 3 1>


    This is without keyboard connected. Do you want me to connect the keyboard and run it again ? Also, if it's more convenient, we can use github ?

  3. Yes, sure.

    Hi @brandonchang,


    I know you mentioned this driver is for Yosemite, however I am still on Mavericks and not in a position to upgrade.


    I followed the steps you mentioned but it didn't work for me. I followed the steps you mentioned and didn't see any error message with kExt utility. Is there any way to debug this or anything else I can do to make the keyboard work ?


    Symptoms I am seeing: Backspace/spacebar and some of the other keys aren't working.

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