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  1. Hello All, Just got the Theron gaming mouse (laser) and had a couple of minor questions as the documentation seems a little sparse. First a question about the lighting...I installed the software and figured out how to assign colors to different zones, currently I have all mine set to dark blue to match the Poseidon Z I also just got. I noticed however that sometimes the dragon logo "breathes" and other times it is constant "on"...is there a way to switch between "breathing" and "on", if not what causes the mouse to switch between "breathing" and "on"? Next question: what exactly is "Battle Mode"? How do you switch between normal and Battle Mode? The documentation says that the lighting will react to clicking in Battle Mode, what exactly is it supposed to do? Last question, regarding the buttons on the bottom..I can tell that the profile button works because the lighting color changes but is there a way to tell what the polling rate button is doing? When I push it nothing happens. How can you tell what the current polling rate is? Thanks!!!
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