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  1. Hello! I'm using my good old Armor+ and want to give it a few tweaks before making it the new home of my next hardware upgrade. Now I got a few questions: 1. All sources I can find state there is a 230mm fan in my side panel. I measured it and the diameter of the fan is 200mm. The diagonal distance between the screw holes is around 220mm. I bought the case pretty early when it hit the german market. Do I have an early revision of the case or something like that or is all the information I find (including official Thermaltake) wrong? 2. This fan on the side panel is pretty noisy. On the old german support forums (discontinued) I read from official Thermaltake support that the noise is in fact not really from the fan it self, but from the holes in the side panel behind the fan and that they are working on the issue. Unfortunately i did not find any more on that topic. I have turned it down with my fan control but it remains the loudest fan in the system. Since the problem seems to be the side panel I hesitate to get a new fan only to have the same issue. Does anyone have any more information on that for me? 3. (not very important) Back when the case was released it was not yet established on the market to color the interior of cases with windows. Since that improves the aesthetics drastically and I am otherwise very pleased with my case I want to give the complete interior new colors. Therefore i need to dismantle the case as far as possible. Is there maybe any documentation I that can help me find out what I can take apart and how I do that? Thanks in advance, Hopsekäse
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