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  1. Yes, it is Thermaltake's power adapter. It works fine with one drive, and it works fine if I plug in a second drive, after the first is already running.
  2. I already tried sending a support request to Thermaltake but I got no response. I will try here. Bought the BlackX dual drive docking station about three weeks ago. I discovered that it was randomly malfunctioning, usually after the computer was put to sleep. I figured out that the 12 volt, 3 amp power supply for the docking station does not have enough power output to spin up two 3.5" SATA drives simultaneously, so the power supply cuts off the output (dead short / crowbar protection), and then resets itself, and repeats the process. Youtube video of this problem happening, without any desktop computer involved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic-siDG5awA This can be fixed, if there is firmware in the docking station that can be updated to only spin up one drive at a time: wait for spinup of one drive, and then start spinup of the second drive. It is not usable as a dual-drive docking station for 3.5" drives the way it is now.
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