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Everything posted by Acojonancio

  1. [France] Mathieu Heredia Gogogo!
  2. Im' going with [France] Mathieu Heredia! Good luck everyone!
  3. I'm going to vote you, hope you come with something good. Good luck! Suerte!
  4. Yay! Congratulations to the winners! Better luck next time everyone else!
  5. Stefan Ulrich! But good job to every participants, this are really nice mods! Good luck everyone!
  6. The first thing i will do if i win the headset is take my actual Razer headset and throw it through the window. Really, buy that Razer headset is the worst decision i ever made, poor quality, sound is not bad but mic is horrible. Well, good luck MnM with your games, spread the Tt Esports word!
  7. Edgar Markmann the best! I will bet for him, really like what he is doing.
  8. Oh ####... i did 25000 clicks and when i uploaded i didn't show it on facebook. F**k thaaaaattt just 3 hour gameplay lost.
  9. Hello, i'm trying to open the Tt eSports Theron plus pc software, when i try to open it this message appears: Of course, the mouse is connected, the software updated and everything looks fine. when i saw this message i tried, restart computer, unplug/plug the mouse several times at different ports, reinstall the drivers, restart the mouse pressing the 2 down buttons and nothing happend, still showing the same error and i don't know why this happend suddenly with no sense. Thanks for help, have nice day. P.S.: I just saw Windows 8.1 says my mouse is a keyboard on devices with the name "ARM Cortex-M0 Gaming Mouse". When i left click and press properties on the "keyboard icon" (actually is the mouse), at general description says: "Category: Keyboard; Mouse". No idea what is happening here suddenly.
  10. Okey, looks like now is working perfectly. Thanks for your help Mike.
  11. Windows 8.1 64bit, mouse software version 1.00 Nexus 5 Android 5.1.1 app 1.0 completly updated.
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