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  1. Hi Guys, my mod is finished, here some pics with clean black background, hope you like it! Thanks!
  2. The Build is finally finished, i managed to make the custom liquid cooling loop before i leave for christmas holidays. I'll make and upload more pics with clean background on the 28th of December. This is a full handmade build, no CNC machines or laser used. As you can see, you don't need expensive tools for be creative! Thanks
  3. I changed some details on the frontal panel and finished the side panel as well. Just need to make the custom liquid cooling loop, the last parcel i was waiting for finish it has been delivered Friday to the reception of the building, but they were closed the weekend, so hopefully i'll get it tomorrow! Stay tuned!
  4. i'll take the measures when i can, i don't have them, i've done it manually
  5. Update Stickers has arrived, already used some, finished the internal acrylic sheets, painted in metallic black. I had to do the fron panel again, this time i used plexyglass 2mm instead of 3mm, the bend is better now. Will be wrapped in white, with some stickers on it Next and final steps will be: Placing an ON/OFF button, finishing the non windowed side panel, making the liquid cooling loop. Thanks for following the project!
  6. UPDATE Have been busy lately, also waiting for some items to complete the mod, in the meantime i've painted the acrylics for the internals and the peripherals. My friend Dave Alcock printed for me some stickers i'll use for this build, they should be here early next week! Also made some shoots of the fittings that Thermaltake has sent to me. The build is almost finished, just missing some details. Stickers! New big updates are coming during the following days, stay tuned!
  7. Update! Some unboxing pics of the peripherals i'll be using for this build I also made an SSD Bracket for the INTEL SSD 535 SERIES The acrylic sheets have been sanded and ready for be painted!
  8. Update I made the sleeved cables for the build with my friend Shakmods, also made a VGA Backplate with acrylics sheet 2mm, and added some more acrylics for the internals. The last piece of hardware for the build also arrived, the INTEL SSD 535 SERIES Sleeved Cables: VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/matteo.amodio.5/videos/10207171687642553/?l=3920119901925069102 VGA BACKPLATE & SSD UNBOXING INTERNALS this is a concept of the vga backplate once done
  9. keep working on the external part also received a small package from IceModz! in the meantime i'm trying to work on the internals too Here is a concept of what i'm thinking of doing for the externals
  10. Update Adding some details on the psu cover and a screw for fix it in place Working on the acrylics for the external part of the case Still need to figure out the design for the exterior, but something is coming outside
  11. Update Let's have a closer look at the hardware, including MSI Z170A KRAIT GAMING MOTHERBOARD and MSI GTX 960 graphic card! waiting for some acrylics sheets to be delivered to start modding the outside of the case!
  12. Here some pics of the radiator with the RIING fan and the psu!
  13. Update time! I made the psu cover with 3mm acrylic sheet, i've cut the acrylic by hand, sanded the edges and bended with an heatgun. Since i made a mistake ordering the acrylics sheet, this one came in "frosted white", so i had to use a matte white vinyl wrap. I finally used some black strips for contrast the white. The psu cover is not finished yet, i'll add some more details later on. Thanks for following my project, see you at the next update!
  14. Here some pics of the water cooling parts i'll use for this build! See you next week with a new update!
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