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  1. Good day I have had no response from the mail i sent. Must I stick this mouse back up the rear end of the supplier or what. Sorry for the crud maner.
  2. I sent a mail with my detail I will keep you posted. Thanks again
  3. Good day I have re-installed the drivers, program and all from the Thermal take site. And it started freezing again and when i adjust the DPI while in game it minimizes the game. So now I wounder if the Level 10 program and my GK - Osmium keyboards program might be clashing. Like some of the manufacturers that is known Because as soon as I uninstall the mouse program the it sticks a lot less.
  4. The only macro I uses is B left side and that is for TS push to talk and I play BF4 on 800 DPI at 1000Hz looks like after I uninstalled the program it has stoped
  5. What is a Mind if I don't mind

  6. Good day to all, I got my Level 10 S/N:MO-L TM0091208002828 Military green mouse 2 days ago. Love it BUT now it freeze and the restarts. And when i want to change the DPI mid game with the side switch it minimizes my game. Have reinstalled drivers , program and changed mouse pad What now? I am running Win 7 Ultimit 64 bit and have thied USB 2 and 3 port please help I am in South Africa If anyone has a answer please help
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