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  1. Dave deserves to win, because.. 1. he's from the UK 2. His work on this mod is phenomenal! 3. he's from the UK 4. i love orange
  2. currently drilling out the rivets in the drive bay. removing the base of the case to make it smaller was super easy, just 4 screws. need to wait until morning to cut out the rest of the bay, dremel makes too much noise. EDIT: Cutting discs didn't arrive, don't you hate it when you have to postpone a project.
  3. Welcome to my latest project (Juggling 4 projects at the same time is fun) This build is inspired by the car from the green hornet movie. Firstly i'd like to thank my sponsors System specs MB - undecided i7 6700k GPU - Undecided Avexir Blitz 1.1 DDR4 Green/Black be quiet! Straight power 10 be quiet! Silent base 800 be quiet! Dark Rock 3 Thermaltake Riing12 and Riing14 fans (green) What the case could look like when finished SO. the first thing i done was change the orange on this To a nice green Removed the front panel Here's s
  4. I won a cooler When does the event finish ? as thats when the prizes get sent out
  5. I'd like to know if you cover sponsorship for modders outside of your own events
  6. Any announcement on the winners ? after i lost out the mouse giveaway in may (forgot to check my mail) i've been checking this page every few hours
  7. Vote- DAVE ALCOCK He's British as am i ! Really want some Avexir RAM or some legendary Riing Fans
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