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    MorayTech got a reaction from JustinMern in Project: Black Beauty   
    Welcome to my latest project (Juggling 4 projects at the same time is fun) 
    This build is inspired by the car from the green hornet movie.

    Firstly i'd like to thank my sponsors


    System specs
    MB - undecided
    i7 6700k
    GPU - Undecided 
    Avexir Blitz 1.1 DDR4 Green/Black
    be quiet! Straight power 10
    be quiet! Silent base 800
    be quiet! Dark Rock 3
    Thermaltake Riing12 and Riing14 fans (green)
    What the case could look like when finished

    SO. the first thing i done was change the orange on this

    To a nice green

    Removed the front panel

    Here's some snaps of the fans sent over from the good guys down at the box.co.uk

    Currently awaiting more parts to arrive for this project. 
    will keep updating as i go.
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    MorayTech reacted to Tt Andy in [Closed] Prediction Voting   
    Prediction Voting Event has begin!! 
    Date: (September 1st ~ September 29th)
    Post below who your top pick is for the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 for your chance to win one of the listed prizes each week!! 
    Weekly Prizes
    1. Riing RGB 256 color 3 pack (2 Sets)
    2. Thermaltake Smart DPS G 750W PSU
    3. Water 3.0 Preformer
    4. TteSPORTs ISURUS Pro Headset
    5. Avexir Core Series Limited Thermaltake Edition
     Note: Prizes will be sent out at the end of the event
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