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    Jesse Palacio shoulds win this !
  2. ITizEasy


    Jesse Palacio shoulds win this !
  3. my vote goes to the one and only Peter Brands ,L3P! if i had the space i would order such a gaming desk..
  4. i would choose Fabio Moma because of the more complete ness of the build , not 1 he is white with some black but not the right combination. 3 to much gold , over the top. 2 is a better build althought the stripes of the panel i would not have put them on.. but still it better looking but i have seen an insane looking pair P5 core builds need to look up the link though which look better my idea.
  5. i voted [Thailand] Jeng Ki because of his insane mod, I love the way it looks and like the chrome fans. would love to have set of those.
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