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  1. As the fans and SSDs, I added a similar skin to the ASUS Sabertooth Z170S motherboard BEFORE AFTER And same with the pump/res combo Stay tuned for more guys Cheers, Alex
  2. Hey guys, I have an update on the work I've done on the fans and SSDs. This will give you more of an idea for the theme and the vinyl that I'm using Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more! Cheers, Alex
  3. Thermaltake Riing Plus RGB fans and Tt premium riser cable! Stay tuned for more! Cheers, Alex
  4. Hey guys, I have some pretty cool hard tube fittings to show you The Thermaltake Pacific RGB fittings! I did a video on these a while back and only getting around to using them now. Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more Cheers, Alex
  5. Hey guys, Here's the first update I made a cut out in the PSU shroud and added some acrylic cover panels. Next step is to add all the graphics. The cut out will serve to illuminate through the bottom acrylic panel once the graphics are applied. Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more! Cheers, Alex
  6. Hey guys, Yet another case mod from my, I'm working on 3 at the moment. This one is in the Thermaltake View 27 case. Iit will be Watch Dogs 2 themed and I'm calling it ctOS Tower 27. I did an overview of the case a few months back. You can check it out below: SPECS Case - Thermaltake View 27 CPU - Intel Core i7 6700K MB - ASUS Sabertooth Z170-S RAM - 4 x 4GB Kingston HyperX Predator 3000MHz DDR4 GPU - NVIDIA GTX 1070 Founders Edition SSD - 2 x 240GB Kingston HyperX Savage HDD - Seagate TBC PSU - Thermaltake Thermaltake DPS G RGB 650W Custom cables & lighting - CableMod Water Cooling - Thermaltake I'll start this one as well with some photos of the case: Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more! Cheers, Alex
  7. Hey guys, The Tekno Angel build was recently displayed at PAX AUS at the Thermaltake booth. Check out some of the pics and video. PAX AU video - Thanks for checking it out! Cheers, Alex
  8. Hi guys, Final video is here, hope you enjoy Thanks for checking it out! Cheers, Alex
  9. Here it is guys! Final pics Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for another video Cheers, Alex
  10. Hi guys, Here are the CableMod cables! I decided to shoot another quick video as I installed them! Enjoy Stay tuned as final photos are next Cheers, Alex
  11. Hi guys, I've been pretty busy working on the build over the last few days, about a week to go now before it has to be finished! I did a ton of work with vinyl as well as some painting and I shot a nice video to talk a bit about the mods as well as assemble the whole thing! Check it out below and let me know what you think! Cheers, Alex
  12. Hi guys, I've been busy working on the tubes and they're now pretty much done. Let me know what you think about it! The tube from the GPU going up had to be off-set like that as the fittings in the top around the back are as close as they can be. They're a bit big and can't have the runs any closer than that with these fittings. In the end I think it give a nice feature to the loop Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more! Cheers, Alex
  13. Hi guys, Here's more progress and better photos as I start working on the water cooling loop. A nice view of the frame. I'm using 3 stand-off to set the motherboard forward a bit to allow room for the wings to mount as well as cable routing from underneath. Cables for the fans routed under the radiator. Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more! Cheers, Alex
  14. Here I am about to start on the water cooling loop. But first I am drilling some pass-throughs to clean up the loop and add an extra feature to the mod. I've also added an extra piece of acrylic going around the edges of where the motherboard sits for a bit of contrast. First tubes are in. A very tight fit on the right there. A piece of tube is actually in between then to connect the two fittings. Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more! Cheers, Alex
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