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  1. what this little graphic card !!! we don't see it on the P5 😛
  2. Hello I think Alain-S from Belgium, Snef from Canada and Elladan from France will be a good choice
  3. Merci beaucoup lamageek c'est avec plaisir que j'ai réalisé ce mod, et je suis tres content que ça plaise tout autant hello bundymania thanks a lot that's a particular approach on using the watercooling
  4. hello to close the Xray's adventures, here you've a little video >>> Video <<<
  5. this is the last series of photos lights on here also I left the retro-lighting RGB in two parts with a low part and a fairly discreet green lighting enough to give a little dynamics to the background with a white strip leds and the wine cooling ??? we have connected the specific pump to a switch we can modulate the lighting to our liking with the RF control Thanks a lot to Thermaltake and all sponsors for organizing this contest Thank you very much seeing my workblog I hope you like it
  6. okay! that was the main compartment nothing to say on the front side so we are going on the backstage... Wine Cooling !!! here we have several buttons to control one part of lightning these are not real grapes but it is a real vine of vines we can see the cable management on the background the curve takes the path of the wine pouring into the glass
  7. more details on the main compartment with or without lights
  8. lights on RGB or .... white Leds more soft lights on barrels location there are the candle lights we take the shape candles the vinification can be done in all quietude.... I have separated the illumination rgb between the upper part and the lower part of the main compartment overview small wink red light on the radiator frame to bring out the cut the fins of the radiator seem to bathe in the red wine name of the mod with .... the sign of Xray!!!
  9. Hardware side without lights I chose to put brushed aluminum panel to look like a modern style wine cellar like this >>> photo <<< Combined with the tempered glass of the side door cooling liquid Thermaltake red color at the origin I added purple dye to darken red This allows to fit to the color of the ATX cable
  10. Hello - "hello! last straight line...." yes! the dead line is coming - "then, I present you our mod! Wine Cooling " based on red wine!!! - "well! not really wine but not so far " good!!! - "I'm starting to stress....." really??? - "yes! serve me a small glass of red wine, please....." - "a little remounting and I attack the presentation....." - "so! I present you our new mod" you already said.... - "ok.... the theme is based about red wine" already said too..... - "ok.... the french touch mod "
  11. hello this morning no photos.... but only this video https://youtu.be/PkbleS3pcEM It is the filling of the "Wine Cooling" and how it works well You can see Xray tasting the wine But is it true wine...... Then I'm finishing the connexion with the Led strips... so! see you soon
  12. hello lamageek merci !!! pour le tubing tu as toujours... enfin pour ma part.... des "essais" pour tomber pile poil au niveau des embouts
  13. hello - "hello! " what are you doing with this tool? - "it is a special glass drill" but I don't understand! we have already cut our bottle - "one of the bottles " one of??? - "yes! we have two bottles on this mod" two!!! - "on this second, we have to drill a hole" - "first, we will stall the bottle so that it does not vibrate" - "then we place the chatterton on the piercing point" necessary? - "well.... not really...." and this modeling clay??? - "it is our little volcano " what??? - "no! in fact it is to contain terebhentine essence" ah.... - "yes, this prevents the glass from heating during drilling" - "we go there quietly and we reach our goal" - "we have our bottle with his little hole " - "here we ripped a little...." we have to admit that it would be better with a drill press - "but we have not this tool ...." - "then, to minimize the risk" we manufacture a plexi guide - "and voilà ! wWe can set up the watercooling fitting" after the bottle we have a glass too!!! - "indeed" - "but not a real glass....." ouch! you risk breaking it by dropping it! - "not really because it is made of PET" - "we take a piece of POM" for? - "to install the glass" - "to ensure the holding of the glass, we fix two screws" more easy drilling the PET - "yes! as much for larger holes" - "the advantage is that we can screw the fitting" - "after reflection we position the fitting lower" luckily we took several of these glasses as regards the sealing??? - "we test it with success!" good - "but for the bottle, we need mastic adhesive" - "and we let dry...." - "we have another surprise!" really? - "yes! the grape comes from the vines" yes.... - "we will take this vine for the mod " - "a small fastener to ensure the top of the vine" - "and we place it on the backstage" I understand why you said that cable management would go to the background - "we worked on the vine to be able to house the bottle" like this - "the glass takes place just below the bottleneck" I move back to get an overview - "while Cuc 'takes care of the tubing, I finish the bridge SLI" - "hard tubing : OK" don't worry, the circuit is independent of the main circuit - "yes! we have a second loop for the hardware watercooling" and we work on the different parts of the tubing.... some cuttings .... - "and some tests ..." before filling and leak test - "see you"
  14. il a fallu que j'aide Xray.... bonjour karusko non pas de compte instagram toutes les photos sont postées ici et dans divers forum
  15. hello - "hello! it's time installing the hardware on the X71! okay! then go go go! - "we start with this little wooden board " ???? .... and the components!!! - "it's coming" - "but first, I have to take care of the CPU's waterblock" - "and as on the motherboard we will integrate wood veneer" we have tweaked the cut.... to make it fit - "we just have to install the waterblock on the motherboard" we put it in this direction but ... - "after reflection, we turn it a quarter turn" - "now we can install the new memory module" with their red LED lighting system! - "a choice that fits with the theme" - "as our choice on the color of the ATX cable sleeving" a red a little darker to resemble the color of the wine - "we find our cache for the chipset heatsink" and the single passage of the different cables coming from the front panel - "an overview" - "behind me, we have the wooden boards from the bottle of wine bottles" in front of you, we can see the PCIe cables with their sleeving of brown color why this choice of color? - "I thought it was fine with our wooden backplates" okay! - "moreover, we have passed the cables over to try to compensate the weight of the waterblocks that tilt the graphics cards...." very little compensation... - "yes....it lacks a reinforcement subjected to the square on this cards...." - "the wood is just laid on the original backplate of the waterblock" with a small piece of double sided tape - "Led strip located behind the head of my cousin is subject to the system aura of the motherboard" we kept the original backlight system of the motherboard we take advantage to install the radiator at the front of the case - "provided with its specific cover" it does not miss something? you want to talk about that .... the ROG logo does not really fit the theme - "indeed! we will correct this" okay and... - "as you can see it is in progress... " see you
  16. salut merci beaucoup en ce qui concerne le choix des couleurs du gainage, le rouge est pour rappeler le..... vin rouge par contre ce n'est pas orange mais du marron qui est pour coller au backplates des cartes graphique en bois la vitre est légèrement teintée donnant cet aspect
  17. hello - "happy new year !!!" today we will talk about cable... not that the original cables are not so good - "but we like to have different cables with the proper length" then we begin with the ATX cable.... - "crimping sequence" - "but it is not the hardest ....." ah? - "I have prepared you everything for the next step" - "while cuc starts the sleeving, I put the small sequence video" - "so!" I finish the ATX cable - "and your fingers!" it's okay.... - "a bit like mine that got hot when cutting the bottle " quite..... - "for this mod, we choose to show a large part of cable management" specially on the backstage we try to bring together the different wires - "fortunately we have these cable combs" it helps in effect in the main compartment on the ATX cable we choose this red color quite similar to the color of red wine - "for the PCIe we choose this brown color to be in agreement with the backplate in wood" little cable management on this PCIe cables - "we show you now the result with the acrylic plate in place" indeed! later we will only see one part..... - "oups! sorry! better without protective plastic...." and the CPU cable? - "well! we only see a little part on the main compartment due to the proximity of the large radiator" so! - "so we don't make sleeving on it...." okay! only black wires - "yes!" and what this? - "plate!" funny plate!!! - "we will have a lot of cable for different LED strip...." oh yes.... - "then we will connect them with this plate and these connectors" - "welding sequence" - "this type of plate facilitates the connection between plugs" another plate.... - "yes! we need a support" - "a little blow of milling machine" - "two holes to ensure fixation on the case" - "and a little glue gun to set up the connectors" I think we're going to need to do more.... - "I think so...." see you soon
  18. hello - "Hi! today..." waiting about the sleeving's work... - "then we present some detail on the door of the X71" this case have two doors - "indeed! the large door for the main compartment and a smaller for...." the low compartment - "we begin with the large door" original, the door has a window - "yes! but we have enlarged this opening, especially in the back and down" - "fashion is by tempered glass ...." so... - "we have equipped this door with its own tempered glass" cool!!! - "for fixing we had provided the glass with specific holes" then we use our screw... - "and fixing the glass directly on the outer face of the door" for the bottom door... it is a little different... - "indeed! we have the barrels at this level!" then we remove the grid... we thought to leave the door like this... - "but it did not fit the door above ..." moreover, we could not have tempered glass with such an opening - "we therefore opted for another solution" new aluminium plate! - "fixed on the outer face of the door" why this aluminium plate.... - "to extend the door to the bottom of the case and cover the base" - "we return to the principle of wine cellar with its walls" a small passage from the grinder.... - "and some black paint to recover the opening" first we recover the thickness of the tempered glass - "and we remain in the theme!" the two barrels are ideally in place in the cellar! we continue in our delire of wine cellar - "with this Led candle!" we wanted to recreate the sieved light that prevails in a cellar of this type... - "so as not to disturb the good vinification of the grapes within these barrels" then we open the box of these candles the goal is to recover the candle-light system - "and to overcome the batteries" - "then we remove the batterie connexion" - "we repeat the operation on our 8 candles" but we will use only 6 we put the candles in two on a small piece of wood - "each candle is powered by a 3 V battery...." we place two with the resistance that goes well - "for a 12 V supply" black paint!!!! - "yes!" no problem with this painting??? - "no! it works nickel" okay! - "and black is better than this green PCB" have good eve of New Year !!!
  19. hello - "hello I hope you have a good Christmas" we continue on the wine cooling mod... - "with the second radiator on the top of the case" so aluminium or wood.... - "both my colonel...one aluminium plate" - "one wood veneer" - "the whole paste together" - "we will use these magnetic strips" - "first taped on the aluminum plate" - "and then on the radiator" nothing more ??? - "well... no because we will have the door that will partly hide this plate" another thing for today? - "yes! we continue with the back of the case" inside? - "indeed!some wooden boards from the box of wine bottles" - "as you see, they are already cut" - "second part" - "third part..." - "and the last one" well! we take the profile of the rear outlets - "I add my little personal touch....." - "my signature somehow...." what do you do with this small acrylic plate??? - "I place it on the inner face of my cousin ..." - "I play with the heat gun...." - "so that the plate conforms well to the shape of the skull" - "a small strip of LEDs" - "by placing two of the leds at the level of the orbits" okay! and the acrylic plate makes it possible to have a better diffusion of the light - "that is the idea" see you soon
  20. hello - "merry christmas " we continue customizing inside the main compartment - "today we care of the front radiator" yes! we were not going to leave the radiator like this.... so..... - "we take a gold leaf" what !!!!! - "okay.... we take an aluminium plate in this case...." if you want... but what is this gold leaf???? - "my cutting stencil , I have no more red ...." - "then, we stay on the red wine theme" I see that - "some vine leaves and a bunch of grapes" we would cut this with our scroll saw - "before we have drill some holes" and we start quietly with the first vine leaf - "nice!" yes? - "of course!" then, we continue on the others vine leaf - "few minutes later....." few minutes??? - "no?" not really !!! - "well, so few hours later " we finish all the cutting - "we remove the stencil...." and we begin sanding the plate - "we tweak the details" modding is not an exact science.... - "yes! As you can see, we added a few cuts on some vine leaves" and we folded one of the edges of the plate to cover a little more the radiator - "the idea is to put a backliight to bring out the cut" yes! because we paint the fairing in black - "before leaving for an upcoming update" here is a small video of my use of the scroll saw Merry Christmas
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