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  1. Hi, I have this http://www.sunbeamtech.com/PRODUCTS/Rheosmart/6.htmlmatches the style of the case.
  2. Have sent parts from here to the US before (i have family in San Fransisco) usually takes just over a week, its easy with PayPal you pay to PayPal and once you receive the item and all is good PayPal releases the funds to me. Not sure about adding the 4th fan and the built in controller as ive got a 6 fan controller hooked up to them.
  3. Hi I have a brand new one if you want it? swapped out the fans for more powerful ones when I first got the coreV71.
  4. Hi, had this case for about 5 months now and still loving it, its a very hot 30c+ New Zealand summer here and its doing a fantastic job of cooling my 2x780s and Asus Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard well worth the cost compared to the more expensive brands that cant compete in the air-cooling area, believe me i have tried a fair view cases in the past few years and this case is perfect for me But unfortunately today i was cleaning the dust from the front filter and with my clumsy man hands i put a hole in the mesh, would it be possible to get a replacement front dust filter?
  5. Hi, Looks great same motherboard as me, you might consider a matched quad channel ram kit as the 2x 8gb kit you have will only work in dual channel mode, your motherboard is best with quad channel ram but it should still work fine in dual channel mode., enjoy that awesome Core V71 it's a great case it's a hot summer here and my two gtx780s never get over 65c after hours of playing bf4☺
  6. Yes it's a fantastic case glad I got it, had a fair few cases in the past few years from a cm haf x to a Corsair 540 air and 900D and this case is far superior for my needs. Also tt customer support is awesome, enjoy your new case mate.
  7. That,s just what i`m looking at doing, is that a 140mm fan? Is that your actual case? if not do you have a link? cheers
  8. Hi, I would like to give Thermaltake staff a big THANKYOU you guys have great customer service! Some other tech companies could learn a thing or two from your rma department. Had a small issue with the labeling and the power button chrome on the top panel wearing out far to soon and what they did was send me a whole new top panel which was far more than i expected..thanks again you guys. The new panel arrived at my New Zealand address Friday after only posting my issue on the forum a few weeks ago..super impressive
  9. Hi, Am interested in this also as i have sli Asus DirectCU 2 gtx 780s, its winter here and my top card is hitting 65-70c during a bf4 session and will only get hotter when summer arrives, was considering modding the side window with a 140mm fan?
  10. Hi yes its a great case, for me it was a decision between this or the V71, i went with the V71 because the HDs could be mounted in the back keeping front clear for unobstructed air flow.
  11. Thanks Frank for showing an interest, Sent you a PM.
  12. Hi, cant wait to see, will be painting the blue slots red as well and swapping out the 200mm fans with 4x red led 200mm fans
  13. Hi loving this case and the cooling it provides. Just one issue with the labeling and the fake chrome of the power button wearing off already only had the case a few months anyone else seen this happen so soon? I will post a pic of the worn button and label soon(waiting for my phone to charge) sorry its my ocd acting up! I just dont think this should happen so soon being that the case is near new and was not cheap to purchase here in New Zealand.
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