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    zimzoid got a reaction from madakish in Core V71 Owner's Club   
    Hi loving this case and the cooling it provides.
    Just one issue with the labeling and the fake chrome of the power button wearing off already only had the case a few months anyone else seen this happen so soon?
    I will post a pic of the worn button and label soon(waiting for my phone to charge) sorry its my ocd acting up! I just dont think this should happen so soon being that the case is near new and was not cheap to purchase here in New Zealand.

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    zimzoid got a reaction from tiggyom in Core V71 Owner's Club   
    Hi, Looks great same motherboard as me, you might consider a matched quad channel ram kit as the 2x 8gb kit you have will only work in dual channel mode, your motherboard is best with quad channel ram but it should still work fine in dual channel mode., enjoy that awesome Core V71 it's a great case it's a hot summer here and my two gtx780s never get over 65c after hours of playing bf4☺
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