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  1. This stinks. Thermaltake is my #1 suggestion when asked and now I've run into this. I hate to get rid of this piece of beauty, as I really enjoy the mechanical keys and the lovely pop, plus it is the perfect size for my desk. On windows, this keyboard it the bomb. For the price, there is no competition and is hands down one of the best keyboards I've owned. Unfortunately... I've got a kvm switch setup between windows and mac... so when things get froggy, and I have to hop between they systems, I have to use an additional keyboard. This not only looks ridiculous and defeats the purpose of having $200 kvm, but it tarnishes the good name I've given to the Thermaltake dynasty. (That G10 case is still holding fort awesomeness, but its shaking at the knees considering that this issue has been open for over a year with no time-frame for when it will be closed) I'm as close as you come to a "Thermaltake Fanboy" and you guys are crushing my little fanboy heart. Little tears well up when I hit the toggle and I have to face my shame, when I have to face what could have been. Et tu Brute
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