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  1. I start my night of pugs in counter strike global offensive with my ttesports peripherals
  2. poseidon Z keyboard is the best keyboard I've tried the mouse ventus x is the best and the pyrrhus mat is one of the best I've had
  3. poseidon Z keyboard is the best , I've had the opportunity to try really unique and excellent keyboard , thanks ttesports
  4. eventhough schedule changes due to changes in work training players we follow with all the enthusiasm to get to meet our goals as a team and individual goals.
  5. We train just this day , with some technical problems FaceIt servers and Internet
  6. one weeks a little complicated by the work team players here but we're giving everything we can
  7. Esea beginning to practice in the team for the new session esea with a very different mindset to last
  8. returning home after a week of training with the team , and being on campus party , doing activities representing the brand thanks TteSPORTS
  9. Campus Party came to train to proudly wear the brand and publicize their quality
  10. on campus this afternoon with the team finishing tickets go tomorrow to go to represent the brand
  11. hello we are all lanning in the home of a friend getting ready for all tournaments that will come later
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