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  1. Voted for Thai dude, but #### do we have some insane projects! Love it
  2. Shock proof! It should withstand a few knocks here and there. But all said and done it's a great device as it sits
  3. I voted waterproof! Mainly because I often go camping near a river or a lake, and should some splashing incident occur my Groovy would be perfectly safe
  4. "I Will Always Love You" Whitney Houston . When I try to sing it, dogs howl in agony
  5. This would be a great replacement for my ancient generic mouse. Not only will it improve my gaming experience but also PC exp in general. THERON PLUS+ looks awesome and has bunch of cool things I can't wait to try (fingers crossed). I currently use Samsung galaxy core smartphone. Cheers
  6. I would take it to a picnic for sure! Easily portable and powerful enough for every outdoor party. Oh I can feel the jealousy from the onlookers
  7. 1 Groovy Duo E. - Make a mini-home theatre system TRUE 2 Groovy T A. - Ultra-portable for travel. Place and play. TRUE 3 Groovy W C. - Extra wireless/wired power for your smartphone TRUE 4 Groovy D. - Aluminium speakerphone for hands-free calls TRUE The odd one is B. Weather-resistant for outdoor adventure
  8. EnerG 8800, sleek looking and powerful. Good enough to show in public!
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