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    a13 got a reaction from Envious Mods in Pre Event Predictions   
    Calen Saddler
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    a13 got a reaction from Ramon Swart in MFC 2 VOTING   
    I think that this is a wrong voting. The one who wins is the one who has many friends, and not the one who has a better and better project. It is not right!
    The winner should be the project that experts choose.
    If friends choose this is wrong!
    For friends, there is no difference how much time you did for a project 1 day or 2 months, from straw with paper in 20 minutes time or from a lot of materials for a very long time. They still run for a friend, even if this project is a real horror. They vote for their friend, not for the project for this contest modders.
    It is not right! 
    This way of voting is meaningless! 
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    a13 got a reaction from Alan-Lee in [Germany] Ali Abbas   
    cool job
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    a13 got a reaction from Alan-Lee in [Germany] Ali Abbas   
    This project looks impressive. Good luck!
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