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  1. dont forget lil ol me, i need them for my DARK KNIGHT mod set . thats why i am looking forward to seeing how this turns out. i made the dark knight server and keyboard with ssd, as well as mouse some years back. but my DARK KNIGHT went to the optician and got contact lenses.
  2. i would like to tell you, but am too dumb to know what you mean with BB, unless you mean bed n breakfast , which i doubt, or do you mean babies= mods. I have already passed 120 built mods and still have 32 of them a big family. from 500 gramms all the way upto 120 kilos. where are all yours. i always think upside down. tomorrow i will work on the back light of the knife. i pretty much finished the knife today. and am still waiting for the water pistol scope to modify from orange n yellw to lethal gun metal black. i even made the psoi and straight screw driver hilt pa
  3. thx sarge, tell murdock, I`m coming to get him:-) my rambo knife part of the project was cut n painted today. far from ready. but when the first layers of paint are dry tomorrow i will carry on metalising it. sofar its blackened and the cutting edge is sanded sharp and blackened. tomorrow i will give it that metalic look of sharpness. more to come.
  4. noone hears you scream in space erik, so stay on the ground,
  5. so, while i am waiting for the scope to come and connot midify it till then. i will concentrate on the RAMBO KNIFE hilt and hand guard.
  6. Hey Erik, I am then ALI-en thats lruking in the shadows, between the trees and beyond the sillhouettes. I will be watching the Origines because I like their imaginations and the story. I like the poetry and philosophy we can phantasize in our projects.
  7. hi suchau, looking forward to seeing your great work
  8. well if thats yr back garden then i am officially jealous. my back yrad is berlin west end. a little different, even though its quite green for a big city. what a difference
  9. thx nk, but do wait till we all have done our work, mind can be changed along the way. the best project should win. thx mike, a long way to go still. its not just gonna be a rifle and knife here. i will however do my best. am working on the 8902A Rifle still. the ram is mounted and framed in such a way that you can see it, even if slightyly adapted the slide head on top and is painted to match the whole rifle metalic look. i modified and stuck some parts from my nephews gun too and am making a red dot sight for it to mount between the ram. made some new additions too to frame
  10. hi tim, whats yr theme, or is it captn america s the drawing implies
  11. nice mike. are you gonna paint them or leave them like that. and whats the dioptrine, do they have night vision too
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