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  1. Yes. The way I have it configured the side mouse button press is does "page up". However when I hold it it goes in and out. Like it presses and lets go really fast. Its so it doesn't work well as a keyboard key press+hold, so does not work well for a push-to-talk voice chat.
  2. I have a Theron Plus Smart Mouse and I was wondering if there is a way to configure the right side macro key to some other button on the keyboard so I could use it as my push-to-talk key. I tired creating a macro, but nothing seems to work well. For example I assign my push-to-talk key to "page up". Then I create a macro where I press "page up". Then assign the macro to they key press. When I go to use it to push-to-talk, it presses it and sporadically lets go. Screenshots of what I have in the Theron Smart Mouse Software
  3. Thanks Josh, that program fixed my issue completely. I did try plugging into a different USB port, that didn't fix it, but the program sure did. Was that program available anywhere else because I sure couldn't find it. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have a Theron Plus Smart Mouse and I installed the TheronPlus Software and everytime I try to run the program now, I get the following error message: Warning Please plug-in Gaming Device to start the AP configuration! It was working the first time I installed the program. But then I had problems messing with the macros and had to re-install the program. Now this error message pops up whenever I attempt to run the Theron Plus software. I tried uninstalling the software, drivers, restarting, registry cleaning in all sorts of combinations, but none of whatever I tried have seemed to work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Any help in resolving this issue would be appreciated! Thanks.
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