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  1. Sorry to hear you experienced the same thing. I just returned the faulty product and bought another type of keyboard.
  2. Hi Josh, I can sell you this limited edition keyboard for the best price, most definitely! haha.. Yes, I've got the receipt with me. I'll handle it with them from here, they've got good customer service. Thanks for your assistance. - Wilfred.
  3. Hi Josh, I'd definitely have to agree with you as my keyboard has just started to host it's own disco party and no longer communicating with the software, even after loading profiles, re-setting to defaults etc. Unfortunately I've had to switch to my own keyboard as it's giving me headaches and eye spasms I'm based in Australia > Melbourne. I bought this product from a local store called Centrecom (www.centrecom.com.au) Here's a preview of the disco party: 1) https://youtu.be/ubnSH8WcGks 2) https://youtu.be/Gm5VB8ktoGU 3) https://youtu.be/xeIl2Jy_N-0
  4. Hi Josh, I've managed to reset the keyboard with Fn+Esc whilst the keyboard is idle as well as during the phase when it's flashing and the interesting thing is, the keyboard continues flashing! Another important note, the flashing cycle occurs every 4 minutes! Nonetheless, I've posted up 3 videos on Youtube, 2 of which are on Fully Lighted and one with Wave Effect Control. I'm very keen to know why this is happening and hoping you can resolve the problem, thanks! 1) https://youtu.be/ARupuFZ2rfw 2) https://youtu.be/-kh7rkZr0RA 3) https://youtu.be/GoJ0AFQ4fGg
  5. Hi Josh, To clarify, when you say reset the keyboard, do you mean restoring it to factory default within the software or unplugging it and plugging it back in? Where do I upload a video? I had tried to last time but it ending up saying I don't have permission to upload this type of file. It was a .MOV format and also <16MB. Thanks!
  6. Hi Josh, Good spot there, I missed the fact that there was an 'English' option as I'm used to seeing English (US) and English (UK) when installing apps. So I've done the following: Uninstalled the application and removed the ttesports folder from my registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software) Installed the app again and put a custom colour in R=0, G=255, B=0 which worked correctly I've managed to test all other Effect Control functions which seem to work now My question now is, shortly after the keyboard boots up, I notice that there are a group of keys that flash for a few seconds the
  7. Hi Josh, No I haven't tried that as yet, I will tonight and let you know how I go. But from what I've seen, the program really doesn't seem to be communicating well with the keyboard. Any idea why my colour panel screen looks weird with the random chinese character as a Base Layer profile?
  8. Hi Josh, I'm not sure if you had read my first post entirely but I did actually re-install the software several times. If you refer to my pictures posted, the colours are definitely not 'Solid' in a couple of images. The others are Solid but are appearing in random areas whilst flickering. Also for the Settings panel, one of my images is displaying what it would seem to be 16-32bit colours with a Chinese character profile under the Base Layer. What's happening here? Are all these issues known bugs/faults in the software/hardware where this type of lighting problem is expected and c
  9. Hi Josh, I would think there's a bigger issue behind all this than it being simply a save/load profile problem? Colours are randomly flickering in various areas, it's evident that there's a bigger problem. Can you advise whether it's highly likely to be a compatibility issue with Windows 10? I would think, plugging in the keyboard would display the default profile (Possibly Profile 1 - Effect Control as Fully Lighted and Red) - But it's definitely doing a wide range of things. Could you please provide a more detailed explanation to all of this? Reminder, I have a video showing exactly
  10. Hi Community! I've recently bought the ThermalTake Poseidon Z RGB (Cherry Brown) and I had installed the software and set it up perfectly on my Windows 8 Pro machine. I had tested all lighting functions within the Effect Control section of the software (Fully Lighted, Reactive, Arrow Flow, Wave and Ripple) which worked beautifully. Although from what it seems now, after updating to Windows 10, the lighting on the keyboard is either non-existent or seems like it's got a mind of its own. >> Here's a quick summary of issues: - There are no longer any proper full colours displaying (Red,
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