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  1. the thickness of the window is 3mm
  2. In regards to the side exhaust fan i reckon it mainly keeps the case cooler. Its the two 140mm front intake fans for the gpus that really improved things. Although i'm sure the 200 does help a bit (ie: cooler case = cooler everything inside) Also the top rad is set to intake - so the 200 helps there also. Ps.: I hooked up a voltmeter to the fan controller power out and noticed it topped out at 9V (high) & 6V (low).The yellow wire seems to send out a 12V signal to just turn on the leds. So connected it (with a y-splitter to another fan with rpm signal) to the MB and the yellow wire to
  3. Gday, Just thought i'd share what i ended up doing. Worked out pretty good. Easily dropped max. gpu temp. by a good 10-15C (especially the top one - now both cards are within 3C of each other at 100% load). And case is 20C cooler than my old 650d. With the fan on the side don't really need any lighting IMO.
  4. hey, can someone please find out specs. on the 200mm fans included in the case. im getting conflicting info. from various web sites. thermaltake v71 case fan - blue led 600-800 rpm 13-15dBA [ fan model - tt 2030 ; code - a2030l12s] no manufacturing date. level 10 gt case - multi colour led (colour shift) - same specs chaser mk-1 case - same as above and 200mm thermaltake PURE 20cm fan - model no. and code are the same but specs look different. [800 rpm - 15dBA VS. 800 rpm - 28dBA] { http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002235 } Ok few questions - 1.are th
  5. hey thanks Tt leo for checking. guess i'll have to try something like this or i found these guys that had pretty good results. hope it doesn't lose resale value.
  6. Hey guys Im going to be buying a v71 one of these days and I wanted to know if anyones put in a fan on the side panel (as exhaust) since I currently have crossfire windforce gpus. Would a a71 side panel fit on a v71?? thanks
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