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  1. Hi. thanks for the info, is there a time frame on the update to the software?
  2. Thanks again and this is the process I did, just to be sure i followed the video and followed the steps with the same result. once you have assignd the key to a makro try to use that key as push to talk in team speak and see what happens as it doesnt regiter the click or anything, however if i put a key into the makro it will see the key in the makro as the push to talk button. i cannot see how this is hard as my last mouse a RAT 5 did it fine. just add a no function to the software or is there a different way to do this? I cannot be the only one having this issue
  3. Hi Thanks again for the help. but unfortunately that doesn't work and doesn't register as anything and not even a mouse click, if i put keys in the macro it recognizes just the key stirke and not the mouse button press. i had tried this already but i have double checked and still have the same problem. shame its a nice mouse just the application to configure the buttons is just not as good.... is there any way to configure this mouse with out this application? thanks again
  4. Hi, thanks for the response however there is no "no function" option see image if i select button off then that button is off and does nothing and click turns the button to mouse button 1 or left click. am i missing something and is this even possible as by default buttons c and d are off and i cannot use them without this hidden "no function" option that i cannot see and have currenly have to set them as forward and back and this is just a nightmare when trying to surf the internet and and use the mouse as one mouse button is my push to talk for ts. imagine the fun..... Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi I have just bought the Level 10 M gaming mouse and I have this small problem and hoping theres something I am missing. I would like my side buttons just to be mouse button number and not have a differnet function, currently mouse button 4 and 5 default to forward and back, I would like this just to be registered as just mouse buton 4 and 5 without the "makro" is there a way to do this? my old mouse i could assign either no function or a bind a key press to that button but i cannot work out how to do this on the level 10 M gaming mouse AP. Also when trying to configer some side buttons i get the warning please set one key as "Left Button" or you can' t save the profile. when i do have left button assignd. Thanks for any help and i hope you understand my issue.
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