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  1. it doesn't work. I screen captured an MP4 video of my screen to show my problem, how do I attach it to my post?
  2. hmmm, I tried profile two, and when I set the right side button to off and switch between profiles and come back (in the software) the button assignment goes from S back to D. however the two left buttons stay as S (button off) but still react as default (forward and back) in both profiles! Tricky!
  3. Actually more information. During some game menus the mouse doesn't quit to windows, but during gameplay it does! This seems to be an odd and unusual behaviour!
  4. Guru! RMA team got the ball rolling so just before I filled in the form I uninstalled the Theron software and drivers, swept the registry and reinstalled the driver. Then I Applied BUTTON OFF and quit the software three times just to be sure. Well it sort of worked! The mouse doesn't quit to windows anymore during games with accidental presses of the side buttons, BUT in windows the side buttons are still activating forward and back functions in the internet browser for example. Do you have any ideas how to disable the side buttons in windows itself too?
  5. I have returned home and have sent the email, see what they say!
  6. Australia. In quite a few games (From Dust , for example) accidentally hitting one of the left or right SIDE buttons quits back out to windows (7, 64bit). Even though In the theron software I select the button response to "BUTTON OFF" from the dropdown menu, an accidental press still quits back to windows. While in windows pushing a side button navigates ie back and forward with a big red arrow on the bottom of the screen. How do I totally "disengage" the side buttons from having any repsonse? (All I would like activated are the left and right click buttons, the wheel and the polling rate arrows) Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I purchased the Theron mouse, this one http://www.ttesports.com/Mouse/28/THERON/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.VXWqaHDK6rU I hadn't created a topic on the forums before, I had used the contact support link/form of the Tte website (this one: http://my.ttesports.com/ctGeneral.aspx ) Even after logging in and filling in the form 4 times it was ignored!!! Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, Quite a few months back I bought a Tte laser mouse and had trouble with the mouse exiting the game back to windows even with the mouse button set to BUTTON OFF in the software. I used the contact form on the Tte website about 4 times over the last three months, and have not a received a single reply from Tte. Is it normal for them to ignore customers and treat them with contempt? Does anybody have a direct email address for their support team? I'm at the point where I feel like returning the mouse and NEVER buying Tte or Thermaltake ever again! (Just like Thrifty Car rental and Seagate - two other companies who treated me with comtempt). Thanks for any help, Simon
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