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  1. Hi guys, give a huge shout out to team Pew Pew gaming from South Africa! "PewPew Gaming are proud to announce an official partnership with Tt eSPORTS. An exciting and perfect match for both organisations considering the drive for success and honour they both share. As Proud members of the Tt eSPORTS family, PewPew endeavours to hold high the name of Tt eSPORTS and the values that they as an organisation and brand hold dear. Striving for success and victory on all the fields of competition and to further add to an already successful brand. We look forward to a long and successful partnership, showcasing the quality of the Tt eSPORTS hardware to a flourishing gaming community in South Africa as well as abroad. Leveraging top of the line technology and hardware we will be best positioned for success in our chosen fields of combat. Bring it on, we are ready for you, PewPew!" PewPew gaming Co-Owner KiDCady Cady Maritz
  2. Hello guys and gals at the forums, it's time to give a warm welcome to the newest team to partner up with Tt eSPORTS. While predominantly a North American CS:GO and SC2 team, they also have players in Japan and Korea. Say hello to DuSt Gaming! "We would like to welcome our new sponsor Tt eSPORTS. When it comes to gaming, you need the proper equipment to play the part. We are extremely proud to be represented by Tt eSPORTS, whose equipment is by far the best in the business. Tt eSPORTS will begin supporting our StarCraft 2 and Counter-Strike teams in what we will work very hard to make a thriving and successful partnership."
  3. As long as you guys did your best, that's all that matters..
  4. Might I suggest you wait for our Cronos AD headset to hit the market then? I think it's the best Cronos yet, to be honest.
  5. Guys and Gals let's give a merry welcoming party to our new U.K. team for League of Legends, Trackmania, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! "It goes without saying that this is a big step forward for MnM and Tt eSPORTS in the UK eSports scene. With this new foundation we will be able to bring more support to our own players while being part of a leading peripheral company." You guys can follow Molotovs and Marshmallows on their official website,Twitter, and Facebook: http://mnm.gg/tt-esports-sponsors-mnm/ https://twitter.com/mnmgaminguk https://www.facebook.com/MnMGamingUK
  6. Indeed. I must admit I feel as though the Ventus X is the best mouse that I have used to date.
  7. This youtube video is still unlisted. Do you want to change it to public or leave it unlisted?
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