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  1. Have you ever built a rig in a particular theme? Like maybe to look like something from a movie or something really out of the ordinary? I was looking into a rig that was built into a Tie Fighter case that looks really cool! Which themes have you tried?
  2. Oh very cool! How did that go for you?
  3. hmm that's kind of what i thought. until the day you can make your own surface set up right.?
  4. This community is filled with many talented people who have made some really cool PCs but I was curious, Why would you buy a PC versus building your own? Are there any major benefits?
  5. Don’t want to brave the crowds this Friday or you’re looking for a Cyber Monday gift? The TT Buy online store has a ton of great deals on products from Thermaltake, TteSports, and Luxa2. These deals run from 11/26 – 12/1 and include free shipping so pick up your holiday gifts today before they are gone! http://bit.ly/1CiDXtS
  6. Cyber Monday is upon us and I felt like we should put together a thread showing any deals featuring Thermaltake products. If you find a deal online, put it in this thread!
  7. I am looking into getting a hard drive for my Rig and I have no idea what would be a suitable amount of disk space. Western Digital has a 1TB hard drive and that seems like a lot but what do you think? I don’t plan on playing a lot of games on it but I do edit video and sound so I would love to be able to store a lot of footage. What would you recommend?
  8. What is the one part in your build that seems to wear out and you always have to replace first? Are there some parts that are made to be replaced sooner than others? I want to have a better idea of what to expect after my rig is built.
  9. So i would zip tie all the wires behind the motherboard but if when i have to cut it i bet i will just let it Birds Nest under. that could become tedious.
  10. Thank you for reminding me that i need more lemon Pledge, it does work on everything.
  11. I have been looking at a few different rigs recently and I have noticed that some people let their cables just go everywhere while others keep their wires nice and organized. Do you organize your cables or let them go where ever they want in you rig?
  12. Yes indeed! that would be Mike that did. he beat me to it as i was going to but if we can help the community out in a way then we will do so.
  13. How is everyone doing on their current projects? Have you hit a snag or are you already done? I have been working on my first PC build but progress has been really slow as we have been really busy around the office. Feel free to post pictures of your progress!
  14. thats what i would have thought to use.
  15. when you vacuum, do little parts ever get sucked up?
  16. i did not refresh and see your post responding to this already. Thank you Mike!
  17. I asked around the office and there should be one floating around. I will try and locate it and take some pictures for you.
  18. Are you the kind of person that will save parts of a PC to hopefully use them in a later build? I was talking to a coworker awhile back and he said that his girlfriend wants him to get rid of some of the spare parts he has laying around. He says that he may use them in something eventually . What computer parts do you hoard?
  19. When it comes to cleaning your rig do you take everything out and clean it piece by piece or do you just take a special cleaner to it? I have never cleaned a PC and would love to know the best way to get the job done.
  20. ok good to know, im still very new to this so i have to see what i will need. Thank you for the valuable information.
  21. I am still new to the PC building world and I would like to know if you prefer air or water cooling for your builds. From what I do know, Water is higher end but can be risky if you do not know what you are doing. Before I make this choice on my personal build I would like to hear your thoughts.
  22. Out of all the OS’s out there, which one do you prefer? One of my friends loves DOS but I really don’t miss using it. I’m more of a windows user because the UI just flows well with me and the personalization and organization is exactly what I prefer. So what is your OS of choice?
  23. Thank you very much for your feedback Ben. I know how much i enjoy when representatives get involved with their community so that is what i am trying to carry into this forum. I like that it is a lot of Tt reps here just being helpful and supportive.
  24. i would love a little Tt Dude that had little accessories. That would be pretty awesome.
  25. Welcome to all new members, please tell us about yourself. My name is Van and I am the Community Manager for Thermaltake USA. Everyone here is very helpful so don’t be shy and I can’t wait to get to talk to you all.
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