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  1. Ok , hehe . your the best . BEST SUPPORT GUY EVVAAA
  2. By the way! Thank you for the good support i really like the support in here, only problem was in my side that my warranty was out! so i'm really thinking about buying a mechanical keyboard with blue switches!
  3. Ok , no problem! , btw is there a way i could maybe get a discount on one of the mechanical keyboards? i really think about buying one soon! , sorry about the rude question
  4. dude i should work at Tt xD , btw congratz on 700 fourm messages1
  5. 69$ ####? my keyboard doesn't cost as much!
  6. Or , you guys would be able to manage something for me xDD. there is no way they can just send me regualr key caps from the us or china? or germany?
  7. Sure , I would take metal caps , but i need them to fit my keybaord - Tt esports challanger pro , it would be cool to have them hehehe
  8. Can i get a picture of them? , would they fit my keyboard? if yes i would just need key number 5 and the space bar plesae!
  9. Well. now i really don't know what to do!
  10. And as a plus , they don't sell this keyboard anywhere , and its expensive to buy once more... i got really upset of it
  11. I've asked them , they said that i need to go to the shop that i bought and ask for a fix if i have a warranty and they said if i have they should send the keyboard to you to fix or give me a new one , because you don't just send spare keys to the shop! .... i dunno maybe the comany can send me 2 new keys? i really don't wan't to go all over this process and its really hard to type with broken keys!
  12. Well. the guy answered me and i'm a bit screwd . My warrenty is over . and i can't come to the store and ask for a quick fix . well that means i'm going to stay with broken keys
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