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  1. Quick question.. I recently moved to a new location.  Yesterday I picked up a new sound card that uses a 6-pin power connection.  Went to get my pouch of cables for my modular power supply and my box that I had my hardware in is missing.   So I now don't have a 6-pin to power the board.  Is there any way to get just one 6-pin for my power supply?  It's an older one but still works perfectly so I don't want to replace it. 

    I have the Smart M850W #SP-850AH3CCB,  is there any way to get a replacement?


    Edit: Think I should have put this in the Smart Series sub but didn't' see that till just now.. .. sorry about that.




  2. Hey dude, as far as I have read it looks like some motherboards don't supply enough power from the 4pin fan header to keep the colour settings, so connecting with a Molex to 4 pin power seems to solve the issue (in most cases)


    Regarding the click.. that should be an RMA issue.. that's dreadful.

    Inspect the fan, see if any fan blades look like there's something wrong, and maybe inspect the area for interference?


    You know I didn't even think of using a molex adapter.  Thanks for the tip.  Very much appreciated.  I'll do that and see how it goes. 


    Yeah the fan drives me  crazy....  I'll have to see what I can do ...  I picked it up quite a while ago so I think an RMA is not a doable thing. :(


    Thanks again,



  3. I recently bought some 140mm RGB Riding fans for a new system I'm building. All's quiet save for one that makes a loud clicking noise while it's running. It still runs fine but the clicking can grate at the nerves.

    Is there anything that I can do to remedy this issue? I will follow this up with a link to a video of the sound one I get back home.

    On a side not is there something I'm missing with the controller for the fans? I shut the machine down and the color settings I have set aren't saving. Any suggestions?


    EDIT: Here's a link to a video of the fan: https://youtu.be/M-sygEBK2TU




  4. Finally picked up the Poseidon RGB and I love the keyboard.  The one thing I'm wondering is if the color profiles are shareable?  I'd like to see other folks profiles for games,  Like WoW, GW2, BF4 etc.   Just to get an idea of how to layout key lighting for the games and how others do it.  #### even if it's just pictures :)  Love to see a healing layout in WoW etc.


    Love my keyboard though!





  5. Ok quick question...  my wife bought me the 120mm Riing RGB for a system i'm putting together and can't install it yet.  I have a couple of the orange Riing fans in another system and I'm really happy with them.  Now my question with the RGB version is I see that it says solid colors White/Red/Green/Blue and cycle through 256 colors; with that said can you only have solid colors of those 4 options or can you cycle thru the 256 colors and have an always on solid color of say purple or does it cycle thru all 256 color continuously?   I'd like to be able to find a color and stick with it,  say one fan always green and another fan always purple or yellow etc.   Is the controller capable of doing this sort of thing?  


    And on another note,  can I connect the 140mm version into the controller that I received in the 120mm box so I have 2 120's and a 140 on the same controller?  I'm guessing you can but figured I'd ask. 


    Thanks and keep working on this, I love the Riing line of fans.  


    Great job!



  6. Ok...  found the Riing fans yesterday and man really like the concept and from the videos and pictures,  the smooth equal glow over the whole LED "channel" looks really impressive.   Well I've been on a hunt for the 120mm Orange LED varient of the Riing and it's been elusive so far.   Is this version available for puchase at this time?


    Also any other colors on the horizon?  Purple by chance :)


    Well another question down the tube... thanks for the time!





  7. First time posting....  but thought I'd inquire... is there an ETA on when the Poseidon Z RGB will be available?  I'm leaning towards the RGB from the Razer Chroma.    Love the small stature of the Poseidon :)


    Just thought I'd inquire...





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