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  1. Mike, I send you an Email, my remplacement cable has the same problem.... :/
  2. Thanks for that, but I return the riser last week and it's cost me 9€ ... Did you get a refund, or a free riser for a crossfire when you return the replacement? Because I haven't got any news for buying a second cable for my crossfire... sorry for my very bad English
  3. You are not alone with this issue, I tried to join the customer support, I wait for a answer...
  4. Same problem for me too, I have to contact the support, but if the new cable have the same problem.... I'm really disappointed, the P5 without this riser is ugly.... :/
  5. Where can I find a new riser? It's for a crossfire, thanks.... (For France, )
  6. Where can we find a new riser for the P5? I'm living in France, thank you
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