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  1. What product is of old version exactly, the PSU of the application? PSU is TPG-1000D-T, s/n PSTPG1000DPCTEUTLG000069 The app is 3.1.9.
  2. While lurking around the Internet, I'm finding more and more claims from other users and reviewers that the Silent Mode should be 500RPM, while in my case it's 900. I wonder if someone will actually answer this, or I'll sooner get to Channel Well and ask them for their stock software for this PSU and make my own adjustments...
  3. By the way, here https://www.thermaltake.com/toughpower-dps-g-rgb-1000w-titanium.html it says that Patented RGB Fan The first RGB PSU series introduced by Thermaltake install with a patented RGB multi-colored 140mm fan. Users can freely adjust fan speed as well as fan colors digitally through DPS G PC App. The app features four lighting modes: Single Color, Random Color, RGB Cycle, and Blink. The color and brightness uniformity of the multicolored LED ring is visible from all directions and adds style to the chassis. But I can't. All the options I have is 900, 1300, and the "zero fan" which switches between 0 and 900. So how do I actually could set it freely, as advertised?
  4. The answer was enabling "ERP" or, in my case, "Deep S4 state" in BIOS. Or S5 in newer motherboards. No thanks to the support. Still, it's a workaround, it shouldn't happen in other states, or should it?
  5. Aight, I'm smart so I kinda fixed the issue, but with that fix comes another issue. The power draw was caused by the USB connection between PSU and MB. I shut down the PC, okay, the whine is there again. I pulled the PSU-MB cable out aaaand the whine is gone. Now, for what I know, USB is 5V. The power draw, however, was caused by the fans connected throught the MB, isn't it 12V circuit? Two of them (PWM ones) had theid leds still on, the third (DC one) was off, but the whine changed its tone when I was turning the fan manually, so there is clearly an electrical connection between them. All of it ended once I've unplugged the PSU-MB USB cable. Well, that would be alright, but how am I supposed to control the PSU now with the cable unplugged? Clearly there is some kind of an incorrect electrical loop caused by the PSU's USB-connection, how to fix it?
  6. Meanwhile I have new observations. It is endeed caused by overload in stand-by mode, because I've found the motherboard doesn't shutdowm chassis fans when PC is turned off. 2 of 3 of the chassis fans are working on the idle RPM. Also I've noticed flashes from under the PSU, like if its own fan's leds were working. The motherboard is ASUS H97-Pro, and there was no such issue with the two priveous PSUs (one Deep Cool and one an older Toughpower model). The thing is, the problematic shutdown happens only if called from the OS. If I reboot the PC and then shut it down before the OS is loaded, then it turns off correctly and all the fans are stopped.
  7. After I turn my PC off and the PSU is in stand-by mode, it starts to whine like a mosquito. It doesn't whine though if I cut AC power off and then plug it back in. In this case I can see some motherboard leds are lit (they usually are lit in stand-by mode), so the PC is in stand-by mode again, but PSU is not whining. Also, there's no whining when PSU is on. Whining start only if PC/PSU was turned on and then turned off. What do I do with it? Because usually such coil whining is an indicator of high load, and it should not be. It looks like the PSU is shutting down incorrectly.
  8. Hello. Is there a way to set custom fan speed or save it in a profile? The thing is, there are three modes. Soilent (oi, not too silent) - 900RPM, Performance - 1300RPM, Zero fan - which is 0 RPM till the temperature hits 40 celsius, then it switches directly to 900RPM. 900RPM is not very silent, and it actually worse when PSU is constantly switching the fan on and off, because you can hear the change distinctly, not being able to just get used to some constant noise level. Now, what's funny is that once the temperature is at 40 celcius, even slightest shortest activations of the fan can keep the temperature at 40 forever (at least when PC is idle). Which means, if the fan would be able to work at, say, 500RPM, or even 300RPM, the temperature would never hit 40 degrees in the first place. And the PSU would be truly silent. So, how do I set a custom fan speed, HUUUUH?
  9. Hi. I have the W0116 Thermaltake 750W model, from the times when it was all brand new. However, its two 6-pin PCI-E connectors looks insufficient nowadays. I already have to solder an 8-pin connector to a stock 6-pin cable. So, is there the way I could get a couple of stock 8-pin PCI-E cables suitable for my model?
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