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  1. everyone is on vacation?? Not resentful, I ordered a NEMESIS I hope that will last more time
  2. Hello, i buy my volos in october 2015... Since 15 days, My volos turn off alone on the office or in game I test it on different USB port = No différence I need put out and put on the usb port to restart it I had uninstall tt_esports_volos_ap_v2.0 + clean register + re start PC = same think im very dispointed if shes dead after only 2.5 years and I was very satisfied with its "good work" (off put the problems of dpi setting )... cordialy Phil windows 8.1 Pro 64bits France
  3. One final suggestion on the button that blocks the macro near the sensor. I think that it should rather blocked the profile's button in the Volos mouse configuration Best regards
  4. M, After a few days of use I come to you because I still noted some problems. Unable to block the profile button, sometimes I click on it in game: I click again to return on my profile 1 but sometime the macro setting are lost or the DPI settings return to zero, forcing me to re install a second mouse to re adjust the DPI settings again. I ve also noted that before clicking Apply or OK on the main page to validate the macro and profile, it was always open dpi, apply the values if it returned to zero 1)How to properly and definitely saved the macro and DPI settings for each profile .. ??? 2) could you explain to me the fonction " LINK THE PROGRAM"...??? Nota Bene : OS: Windows 8.1 64bits Best regards
  5. Yes, the macro setting function normaly since i instal VOLOS_FIRMWARE_UPDATE_V1.4.8 and macro function. The software function not really normaly. After creat some macro, when i clic on apply or ok on the first page, i lose sometime the performance DPI who all comeback at 0 and the cursor with the volos can't move. I must instal a 2nd mouse (black element) for creat new performance and up dpi and apply. Now , all run , i don t touch nothing cordialy phil
  6. i find the problem when i instal the software, the firmware was automaticly dowload and i don t install the VOLOS_FIRMWARE_UPDATE_V1.4.8 After instal the VOLOS_FIRMWARE_UPDATE_V1.4.8 macro setting function
  7. HI, I just received my Ttesport Volos ( replacing my black element or macro works perfectly). The problem is that my volos no macro will work. have you written information or video to explain the use of the software volos and more particularly the creation of macro setting correctly... ?? is it possible to have a contact in France ??? Best regards phil
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