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  1. I go for the competitor from a fellow country [Ph] Mhike Samsin
  2. Yeah, I tested it with an old Galaxy S2 with older Bluetooth version and it didn't recognize the keyboard too! But my notebook have the 4.0 and it can pair fine with it.
  3. okay, same problem here with galaxy S5. The Bluetooth alone said they are paired, but when running the app, it said unable to connect always! I'm trying to figure it out now. If anyone has it done already, pls give me/us some instruction! Thanks so much!
  4. ok, thanks so much for your support! I will try to borrow a smartphone from my someone to test it out. Here are some unboxing photos of mine. I will take some more when it's running at night (when everything is completely dark ->> it will shine brighter) The box came clean and clear! At first I was a bit shocking since it had nothing for force absorption, during the flight. But.... something at the lower right corner of the box caught my eye "5 Year Warranty"?!?! That insane!!! This ensures that even a tough flight would be much a problem for it! The back of the box is printed with some features side box Now, let's have peak inside! The way to open it is a little awkward since I have to rotate it 180 degree from the initial view. "Come out, come out babe! Wherever you are!" The keyboard is cover in a burble-plastic bag to ensure the safety during transportation. The wire is quite not reach my expectation since it is just a plain type regular one, not Braided fibre! The box's contents: The keyboard - Warranty policy note - Two Quick installation guides (short and long one) That's it! More is coming soon!!!
  5. So I have to have a smartphone using either android or iOS for that right?! Does it available as an app for win 8.1?! My notebook has Bluetooth and using win 8.1, I don't own any smart phone right now. My current mobile phone is a "bricking-ultra durable" Nokia 208!
  6. Uhm, little help here! How can I update/sync/link my stats to my plus.ttesports account?!
  7. Just received it few hours ago. Thanks Tt eSPORTS so much! Would love to spend this holiday to "fly" with it!
  8. I think the native color of Gigabyte old X58 mainboard would match perfectly within your build! Wish that Gigabyte can offer us that beautiful theme again! Anyway, nice works there and wish you all the best!
  9. I think I should confirm my prediction twice! I predict that Andy Weber will be the winner
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