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  1. Thanks for all your support guys. Here you go. The Mean Machine Finale. 2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 By Irie Ahmad from Malaysia Special thanks to all the sponsors for making it happened. #thermaltake #ttesports #asus #avexir #seagate #vcolor #intel #viewsonic SYSTEM 1 INTEL CORE I7 6700K ASUS MAXIMUS VII FORMULA ASUS GTX 1070 STRIX SLI ASUS ROG PASCAL SLI BRIDGE AVEXIR RAIDEN RED TESLA 4GBx4 DDR4 V-COLOR 120GB TT EDITION M.2 SSD THERMALTAKE - CORE X71 Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Pacific GTX1070 STRIX WB x 2 Pacific W3 CPU Water Block Pacific G1/4 PETG Tube 1
  2. Some teaser video for the Mean Machine. Just finished rendering the full clip and getting it upload on Youtube
  3. Some update on the lighting. The RGB LED strips just arrived today and i spent the whole day to setup it. Worth the rainbow puke. Since 2017 is the year of RGB i ve decided to join the band wagon. It changed from a mean machine becoming a rainbow puke machine. Feast your eyes people. Wear a sunshade.
  4. Thats the idea. However i have so many friends and i dont want each of them to spent much time on it hence the standee idea came into mind. LOL.
  5. Now the monsters with watercooling setup done. Matter black tube (painted) with tilt fans and radiators. Tt eSPORTS gears certified gamig machine Finally the whole systems. Thank you Thermaltake team for making my hands dirty. And best regard from me Irie Ahmad, to all the rest of the contestants. GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST!!
  6. The Monsters before finishing Testing the position and fitting mechanism. Should be okay The other side of the machine, the standee.
  7. Putting everything in place to make sure that everything fit together. Special thanks to Vewsonic for supporting this project with 3 x 24" lcd and 1 x 27" lcd.
  8. Paint job time!!!!! Gonna paint all the bars and frame to 2k matte black paint.
  9. Adding more frames. Since the setup gonna have 2 systems, i ve decided to make it as dual gaming station. One with seat and another one is standee style. Best modding tools ever. Work till late night. 4am in action. The steel bar holder. gonna attached the bars to the case with 3/4 inch screws. Decided to weld the nuts and washer then weld it on the bars.
  10. Motherboard tray using 8mm acrylic. Fitted it but it required some tweak and adjustment
  11. Moving to main chassis. As previously posted i ve cut half of the original chassis Gonna replaced it with this steel bars. Basic structure. Added more steel bars.
  12. Grinding and sanding the weld joints. Stand up!! Received a box of goodies!! Loads of Tt eSPORTS madness inside it!! Will pair the desk mod with this awesome gaming chair.
  13. Back to the welding workshop. Adding more frame. Triple monitors frame mount. Adding support bar for the desk. Seems like the acrylic is to thin and wobbling without the support bar in the middle of the frame. Done
  14. Covers and panels fitting test. The Desk 2 layers for LED effect The Mean Machine. Left and right stand covers.
  15. Assembled the frames. Not really sturdy since there are few gaps in between the frame.
  16. This tube bending kits do helps alot. easy to work with. Decided to paint the PETG 16mm tube to flat black. For stealth looks. Finally can work on the acrylic parts. Covers for the stands. 2 layers plate. One is flat black another one below is clear for led effect.
  17. Hi guys. Sorry for taking time to updates the worklog. Had to learn welding slowly since it s my first time doing it. Here you go. Sanding the weld joints using angle grinder with 300 grit sand paper. The original design is altered due to some restrictions. Workmanship quality is still acceptable Design for modularity i ve create flat frames where all the frames can be attached and removed without much hassle. Trying IKEA style furniture.
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